How to fix Xbox one Black Screen (Explained and Fixed)

If you read this article, then you have problem your Xbox One Black Screen. Lets resolve your problem in next 5-15 minutes.

According to our reports users were confronted with a Xbox One Black Screen as a result of an earlier Insiders software update. Microsoft has publicly admitted the problem and advised users to to resetthe console. We have provided the solution to fix this issue in the solutions below.

Recently, a number of users have experienced the Black Screenon their Xbox consoles. While this issue has been reported to be present on all versions, which includes X as well as S versions, Xbox One seems to be the most affected of all. The screen is also referred to as the black screen of death within the Xbox community.

We observed a phenomenon that a user gets an Black Screen of death in Xbox following the normal green booting screen that comes with Xbox One.

Use cases

As previously mentioned this issue is the most common in Xbox One. Based on our research, below are some scenarios that are related to this black screen

  • after installing an update This is the most frequent scenario. The update is installed manually or automatically on the console. The console’s users will see a black screen following the update has been installed on the Xbox One.
  • S variation Sign-in problem: Specific to the S version of Xbox This issue is encountered when the user is unable to access the Xbox account. If a restart is attempted the user is presented with an unreadable screen.
  • Black screen after starting: In some cases, users are presented with the black or blank screen immediately following the start-up for the console. The console is unable to load even the green startup screen, and their TV/monitor displays an black screen.
  • Because of the gaming issue: Some players also experienced the issue when playing a downloaded game , or the game they had inserted onto a disc on the Xbox One console. In this case, the console is frozen during the game. If users stop playing the console will freeze in the dashboard, too. After restarting the console, and after the green animated screen appears on Xbox One startup, users confront the black screen.
  • Power off your console, and then unplug the power cord to ensure that the console is completely powered off. Wait 30 seconds, and then plug the power cord back in. Press and hold the BIND button (located on the left side of the console) and the EJECT button (located on the front of the console), and then press the Xbox eject button on the console. Continue. Press and hold the Xbox button and the Eject button until you hear a beep to turn on the console. After 5 minutes, re-connect the power cord to the electricity board and plug its other end at the back of the Xbox Insider program.

What Causes Xbox One Black Screen Error?

If you turn to the Xbox One console, you are expecting to see the green Xbox start-up animation screen. If you are on the green animation screen the console checks for firmware, operating system as well as the hardware attached. If everything is in order the console will move onto the following screen in several minutes (max. 10 minutes).

If your console is unable to boot up the startup green animation screen three times in succession (after waiting for more than 10 minutes) If you’re in the middle, you’ll be facing the unwelcome Xbox One Black Screen when you start.

Therefore, regardless of the use case to which the Xbox One black screen error is a part of, there could be several causes of this error.

  • If you get the “No Signal” message displayed on the screen, it indicates an issue with the HDMI cable or the HDMI port on your television or console.
  • If you see only the screen blank or black Then you’ll need to update the firmware of your console or restart your console to rid it of corrupted files which are causing this problem.

How to Fix Xbox One Black Screen Error?

Power-cycling & Resetting the Console

There are many ways to correct this error. Depending on your specific situation you may try to try the following methods. I hope that one of them is suited to your particular situation and solve your problem.

Based on our research and the reports of a number of users of an unconfirmed internal updatebroke the OS of Xbox and it was reported around the month of September in 2021. Although the date has over and the patch was issued, we’ve noticed people experiencing the same issue, with the only remedy being to reset the console.

This is the reason why we’ve increased the priority of this method to the top of the list. Try alternative solutions described below before setting the console.

  1. Verify whether you’ve inserted discs in the Xbox One console or not. If you did, remove the disc.
  2. Then press then hold down the Xbox (Power) button on the console for 10 seconds until it is turned totally off (until the blinking Xbox logo appears on the console and then turns off).
  3. From the console’s back disconnect your power cable, hdmi cable as well as any cable that has been hooked up to the Xbox One console. Also, disconnect this power source from your main power source, making it totally dead. Wait for five minutes.
  4. After five minutes, reconnect your power cable to the power board and connect the other end to on the rear of the Xbox One console. Connect all other cables, and then turn on the power source.
  5. Now press and hold the Xbox “Bind” button for approximately 5-6 seconds. Then, you’ll need to continue for about 5-6 seconds, then holding for about 5-6 seconds, then releasing Release button and pressing and pressing “Power” button 1 time (while while simultaneously holding both while simultaneously pressing both Bind and Eject buttons simultaneously).You’ll notice the power button flashing, and you’ll hear a click. Do not let go of the buttons ‘Bind’ or ‘Eject buttons in place for several minutes (about 10-15 seconds) up to the point that you’ll hear another beep and then something appears on your television’s or monitor’s screen.
  6. You’ll then be in the “Troubleshoot” window. You’ll use your D-pad of your controller to navigate to the “Reset this Xbox’ option.
  7. After you’ve found the appropriate option, you can click “A” to open the “Reset the Xbox’ option.
  8. In the “Reset this Xbox window, click the Keep games and apps’ This will reset the operating system of your console and erase all your data, without removing installed games and applications.

If this approach didn’t work for you, it is possible to reset the settings on your Xbox One console by choosing the “Remove everything” option. This is sure to solve the black screen issue. However, keep in mind that selecting the ‘Remove everything option will erase everything. Therefore, it is not the best option.

Resetting the Display Settings

If you don’t see that green animated screen on your Xbox One console thrice in consecutive times you’re stuck on a black screen for over 10-minutes (each interval). After that, you’ll be able to restart your console using the following manner:

  1. Verify whether you’ve put in a disc into the Xbox One console or not. If yes, remove the disc, however in case you’re not inserting any disc, do not bother with this step and proceed to the next.
  2. Then press while holding the Xbox button (Power) on your console for 10 seconds, to turn off your console.
  3. Then, hold and press your power xbox button as well as the the ‘Bind’ buttons in your console till you can hear the sound to switch on your console. If you hear the first beep, release the Power xbox button and the power light will blink while holding the “Bind” button pressing until the following beep , or experience the console starting up using low-resolution.
  4. If you’re seeing bars at the top and bottom of your monitor’s or TV’s screen, it means that you’ve successfully entered low-resolution mode (640 pixels x 480). Another sign is the blurry image you see on your screen.
  5. Then then, hit the “Xbox button” Power on your controller to launch the guide.
  6. After that, go to the System tab and click on the display “Settings” option.
  7. In the General tab, click on your ‘ television and display’ tab.
  8. Then, choose the appropriate resolution (low resolution mode) for your monitor or TV using your dropdown menu.

Hopefully this fix will resolve your Xbox One black screen error. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, look for a different solution.

Pressing ‘Right Trigger + Y’ Buttons

When the Xbox One screen keeps on getting darker until it’s black and you want to turn it off, press the “Right Trigger + buttons on your controller using the following method:

  1. Get started with the Xbox One console as usual.
  2. When the pins begin to move during the initial startup, immediately press and hold the “RT + Y” buttons of your device.

Hope that this straightforward solution can fix this Xbox console black screen issue that you’re experiencing on your console. If this solution did not work, consider the following techniques.

Changing Your Hardware (For Users who get a ‘No Signal’ Message)

If you’re not seeing the complete black or white display, however you’re seeing an “No signal” display on your screen it’s time to check your device. Try these steps:

Notice: Before moving to the next step, make sure you check whether your previous action been able to resolve your issue.

Step 1: Check if the Xbox One Controller is connected

  • Sometimes it happens that the Xbox One controller automatically disconnects from the console (after having been idle for a period of). It is therefore recommended to verify the connection to your console.
  • Then you need to hit the “Xbox button POWER on your controller. Check if the “No Signal” error still appears or not.

Step 2. Turn off the TV as well as your Xbox One Console

  • In order to get your TV or monitor to work to your gaming console attempt the Power Cycle’ method (which is a more modern term for running an update of the system).
  • Switch off your TV as well as your Xbox One console.
  • After that, disconnect the power source for the Xbox One console and TV for 30 seconds.
  • Within 30 seconds switch the TV on and turn off your console. After that, verify if the “No Signal” error still shows up or it is not.
  • Alternatively, you can try getting an entirely different HDMI cable and use it.
  • Check that your TV is set to the correct input signal (HDMI)

Step 3: Ensure that you’re using the Right HDMI Ports or not.

  • Sometimes using the wrong port could result in the “No Signal” issue. Make sure you’ve put the HDMI cable into the correct ports on both your TV and on the Xbox One consoles.
  • In general, Xbox One consoles come with two HDMI ports which are HDMI-IN and hdmi cable OUT (Video output), however, the amount of HDMI ports on monitors or TVs differs model-to-model.

Step 4: Ensure that you’re using the correct HDMI Cable or not.

  • Sometimes, the the ‘No Signal’ issue could also occur when using a damaged HDMI cable. If you own an extra HDMI cable, test it and see if the “No Signal” error is still showing in the display or not. Just Check hdmi cable.
  • try using a different HDMI cable to connect your console to your both the TV

Step 5 Clear the HDMI Port

  • Many times, monitors and TVs can’t receive HDMI signals due to the dust that collects in their HDMI ports. Clean your HDMI ports using compressed air. After that, verify if the “No Signal” error persists or it’s not.

Step 6: Make use of an additional TV/Monitor

  • If the above steps failed to resolve the problem, you should try an additional TV or monitor. Also, after you’ve used the second monitor or TV If you’re still not seeing the “No Signal” error message on the screen then it’s likely that the issue lies with your original TV or monitor.

Checking for Hardware Defects

If none of these solutions work, take your Xbox examined to determine if it has ‘ bricked’issues. The Xbox is damaged when it cannot load its firmware, and instead it displays the black screen.

In this situation the software will not be able to start in recovery mode either. It could be that a chip such as the Reticuler chip,is damaged. A technician will access your Xbox and examine it for issues with short-circuiting or other.

Notice: Opening your Xbox will remove it from any warranty. In the event that the Xbox is covered by the warranty provided by Microsoft We recommend having it checked by the official Xbox support.

Prevention of Future Black Screens

To prevent the possibility of black screens from appearing on the Xbox console suggest getting rid of inside the Insider program. Insider programs give accessibility to functions that are in the experimental stage and haven’t been released out (Video output) to the general public yet.

Although they sound great however, they come with the pitfalls. They are being tested on an extensive user base via the insider software. These are experiments and may be a problem for the software.

Removing console from Insider Program

If you get rid of your self from inside the software, you ensure that you’re only using the most stable versionof your operating system. This is howto do it:

  1. Start your Xbox, and then click My games and apps
  2. Click on Xbox Insider Hub.
  3. Choose insider informationfrom the left side of the screen.
  4. Choose “Manage”on on the left, so we can access all the currently insider content
  5. After you’ve selected an Insider subscription, you’ll be presented with a selection of options in the following screen. Select removein the previous screen to exit the screen.
  6. After that, you will have to decide that you really want to quit the program. Click Accept
  7. Restart your Xbox when the procedure is completed and you are removed from the Insider program. Be aware that this could take some time if you have an active insider application in place on your Xbox.

Conclusion – Xbox One Black Box On Screen Issue

This concludes the definitive guide that will assist you in resolving this Xbox black screen problem. We hope that you’ve got all the answers you needed.

The goal was to provide explanations, information and the right solutions. In addition, you learned the methods to request repairs or factory reset.

Black Screen of death is an irritating error. It can be a distraction and leaves you with frustration. With this guide, you’ll always have something exciting to look at. Therefore, you can solve the Xbox One Black Screen Of Death problem. Enjoy your game without any obstruction.

FAQs – Microsoft Xbox Black Display Issues

Do Black Screen Of Death Damage Xbox One?

If these solutions aren’t working for you, then the black scren that appears to be black could be due to hardware damage. There are many causes for damage to the hardware. Inappropriate use of the console and excessive heat are the main cause. If you get this console with Xbox Series X and Xbox One It is worth a look. There is a chance of harm to the device.

Do I lose Game Data and progress Due to Xbox One Black Screen Of Death?

If you don’t find any thing, you won’t be in a position to save your process. So, yes. Game data will be lost. Savings may remain but. It’s only true in the event that the game doesn’t crash or the console does not fail to function properly. Many crashes can cause several issues, like the loss of progress saved within the game. Also, ensure that you get rid of the BSoD on Xbox One.

How To Fix xbox BlackScreen Of Death When A Game loads on Xbox?

Receiving BSoD when loading a game is an indication of incompletion or damaged game downloads. It indicates it is because your Xbox cannot access the files in order to give you the input. This means that you’ll get the black screen or it will crash from the game. It is possible to reinstall the whole game or upgrade it to ensure you have all the file.

Is It Safe to Turn On Xbox Following black or blank screen Of Death?

If there’s nothing you can do to make the console’s power Restarting it may help. Microsoft and numerous users have suggested to restart to ensure that Xbox One works. The BlackScreen of Death problem by continuing to play or shutting off Xbox. Be sure to allow it to rest enough to cool before you start it up.




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