What is the most expensive apartment in Sims 4 City Living?

Penthouses are among the most expensive residences that are available in The Sims 4 City Living. The average rent is 2500 Simoleons per week. It can reach as high as 5,00 Simoleons every week.

Most expensive penthouses are situated in the area of uptown San Myshuno. They have a stunning view of the city and have extremely expensive furniture.

The Spire Apartments are 888. Spire Apartments are the highest priced residence located in The Sims 4 City Living. The rental is $7,500 per month. In addition you and your Sim must make a deposit of $37,500 to get into the.

The home is comprised of three beds and two baths. It also provides a fantastic views thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The second place winner is the apartment in the VIII Landgraab. The two-bedroom apartment is priced at $5,500 per week and requires the deposit of $25,000.

As you will see, the better the property, the higher rent.

Are you looking for a cheaper apartment?

A low rent can spell trouble

It’s true that not everyone can afford thousands of Simoleons a each week for a place to stay in middle in San Myshuno.

If you’re Sim is in a tight budget it is possible to locate a home that costs 300 to 400 Simoleons per week. However, you can expect to face a variety of problems with this affordable rental.

For instance, you can move into 131321 Chic Street apartment. The rent is just 300 Simoleons per week.

But it’s important to note that there’s a peculiar chalk sketch inside the home that suggests the area could be the site of a crime.

Another illustration can be found in the 17 Culpepper House Apartment. Your Sim is able to rent it for just 400 Simoleons per week, but there’s an additional catch. The house is an Gremlins lot characteristic which implies that household equipment are likely to break each night.

13.1021 Chic Street apartment costs 400 Simoleons per week, but it has the trait of Lively Neighbors which means that your Sim will not be able to sleep at night.

The life of an apartment located in San Myshuno is not always enjoyable. Noise from neighbors could prevent your Sims from sleeping through the sound of a loud tune or from singing along.

There are also benefits of being in an apartment.

When your Sim is a social person who likes to be around other people, they can give their friends access into the home. This will allow your Sim’s friends to visit and make use of household objects without creating negative moodlets.

Does your Sim value comfort over money? Do they prefer paying more in rent for security? Tell me via the comment section below.

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