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John Madden changed football. Now we’re changing the way you play football with the FieldSense Gameplay System.

No one embodies real football more than John Madden, and Coach returns to the cover of the game he pioneered for Madden NFL 23 , coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

In this year’s edition, we’ll introduce our brand-new FieldSense Gameplay System to Madden NFL 23 on Xbox Series X|S, a brand new platform that delivers consistent, ultra-realistic gameplay , and provides players with greater control on every field.

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FieldSense Gameplay System

Creating the foundation for realistic gameplay that gives players new ways to control what happens everywhere on the field.

“Hit Everything”

Hit Everything mechanics allow players to break up defenses and block the offense in new ways. Animation branching technology allows the latest generation of Hit-Stick physics, so players can jump into mid-air knockouts and smash the pile to help teammates in tackling and blow up blockers and cause turnovers by using standing tackles.

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Skill-Based Learning

Control every throw with innovative ways to throw the ball so that only the receiver is able to take it. The new system also features the latest accuracy reticle, as well as passing meter to measure each throw.

360deg Cuts

Madden NFL 23 2

Utilize the new mobility and fluidity of ball carriers. They can are able to travel everywhere on the field, to allow you to hit your perfect gap plant-and-go or avoid the defenders.

WR Vs DB Battles

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The new wide receiver release movements and counter press mechanics for defensive backs result in tight, vital 1v1 combats for the defense.

What else is new in Madden NFL 23 ?


The motivations of the new athlete become a factor in contract negotiations, which can cause more drama and tension during the free-agent market for your franchise. Team location, salary requirements and other factors influence the players’ next team. The most recent version of Trade Logic AI accurately evaluates players and their value when factoring in trade proposals.

The Franchise’s Face: The League

This year Face of the Franchise puts you in the fifth NFL season in your preferred job (QB, CB, WR, MLB) and you’re looking forward to a fresh beginning in the NFL. You can negotiate a one-year deal to show your worth to any from the 32 NFL teams by demonstrating your worth on the field and enhancing your skills as a player. New mechanics for specific positions within FieldSense (on Xbox Series X|S only) and camera-focused on players help you get close to action and help to dominate every snap regardless of the situation you’re in. A new set of Drive Goals as well as Drive Summaries were added to allow you to switch the way you experience games and gain feedback and rewards for your performance. Are you going to enjoy an unbeatable NFL career? It’s entirely up to you.

Madden Ultimate Team

Create your fantasy roster with the current NFL stars, Hall of Fame legends and many more, with more options to build and enhance your team. There’s always something you can bet on with the brand new Field Pass challenge and reward tracker. You can you can earn MUT Champions entry points and play at the highest levels whenever you’d like. The simplified set building system makes organization simpler and more efficient, allowing you to focus more on improving your team’s performance and less time rummaging over your set.

Madden NFL 23 Pre-orders

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