Marvel’s Avengers on xbox update

We hope you’re excited as Jane Foster, The Mighty Thor is now playable within Marvel’s Avengers on xbox as an update for free!

The introduction of Thor Mighty Thor is another flying warrior to Marvel Avengersroster to allow for new teams and exciting co-op play. We’ll go over the details of her gear for combat here, but before that let’s talk about her backstory!

The cool lady known as Dr. Jane Foster first appeared as the Goddess of Thunder in 2014’s “Mighty Thor” written by Jason Aaron. The story was continued in the 2019 film “War of the Realms,” which culminated when she conquers mortality and becomes Valkyrie.

Marvels Avengers on xbox update gameplay

in the film Marvel’s Avengers, Jane is torn from an alternate timeline by the space-time rift due to Tachyon Anomalies. In her initial period, Jane became the Goddess of Thunder as she assumed the title of Thor who in sorrow had to give up Mjolnir following the A-Day tragedy.

Jane Foster is voiced by the gifted Zehra Fazal, who is well-known for her work on television and video games. Alongside collectible documents on intel and character banter The Mighty Thor’s tale is told through our brand new animation “Marvel’s Avengers – The Mighty Thor: Out of Time” illustrated by veteran Marvel artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

What role do Jane play? The Mighty Thor is a god with the power and strength of the God of Thunder However, she also has human characteristics that are unique to her.

Marvels Avengers on xbox update gameplay 2

Jane’s special talents with Mjolnir start with her brand newly acquired ability to be All-Mother’s Blessed as well as God Tempest, her new Overcharge. All-Mother’s Blessing increases its overcharge meter using melee attacks. Once it’s full she unleashes her God Tempest which increases the damage dealt by hammers in range and generates shockwaves with every strike.

Her skill with Mjolnir is evident in a variety of new features like Quick Fire, a new ranged attack that lets Thor the Mighty Thor to make a second , more effective ranged attack by timed the next time she throws. A Seek and pin upgrade for her Ranged Attack empowers Mjolnir to find and pin enemies without having to shoot.

Jane’s masterful ability extends beyond melee hits using Earth’s Finest which is a hammer-toss addition to her attack combination to increase her reach. Jane is also able to put her personal spin on the classic Odinson moves such as Headstrong. She relys on her Thunderkick which is a powerful front kick that sends opponents flying.

Marvels Avengers on xbox update gameplay 3

The Mighty Thor’s Kit culminates into The All-Weapon, her brand-new Ultimate Heroic. Drawing inspiration from the Thor as well as Valkyrie run, Jane sends Mjolnir to search for and eliminate nearby targets of enemy. In the meantime, she summons her All-Weapon Undrjarn to defend her, and reduce the amount of harm done while killing her enemies.

The All-Weapon includes a variety of specializations that allow the user to alter Mjolnir’s attacks to make them more efficient and giving you a strong shock effect against enemies in close proximity. Jane could even utilize Mjolnir to create an defense shield that orbits. Watch her performing her duties in the latest War Table Deep Dive below.

Marvels Avengers on xbox update gameplay 4

Alongside her incredible battle skills, Jane has a variety of outfits based on inspirations from comics. She also has her own Nameplates, Emotes, Takedowns and even has the exclusive Hero Challenge Card and mission chain. They allow you to get special rewards, such as exclusive cosmetics and documents that go deeper into Jane’s life.

We’re eager for you to take on the Marvel Avengers as Thor, the Mighty Thor. This update will add to a game already stuffed with features, including a massive single-player story with ten playable characters, and endless multiplayer with up to four players.


What’s the next step to come from the Marvel Avengers? In the wake of the addition to The Mighty Thor in patch 2.5 We’ll be adding two challenges in the course of our plan to further develop our story with hero- and villain-focused content. More details can be found in our latest June Update on Development.

Before I go I’d like I be sure to remind Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to get your membership Perks such as those that include the Ms. Marvel Future Suit outfit and three days of hero’s catalysts as well as a 3 day fragment extractor, as well as 500 units!

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