Kao The Kangaroo on Xbox, game Review

Kao The Kangaroo on Xbox it an amazing Retro Platformer With Hints Of Crash Bandicoot.

We never got the first Kao The Kangaroo on Xbox and PC, which was released for Dreamcast and PC in the early 2000s. However,”Round 2 “Round 2” sequel finally made it being released on Xbox on the Xbox in 2003 (launching to mixed reviews) Now, nearly two decades after the retro-inspired 3D platformer has finally made an appearance with an updated, modern remake.

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If we can explain the 2022 version of Kao The Kangaroo in a concise manner, it’s somewhat like a combination with Super Lucky’s Tale and Crash Bandicoot 4 however with a much smaller budget and less polish. The game’s gameplay is spread in four hubs, each one with their own distinct areas, and the objective is to beat enemies, play a lot of platforming, work out basic puzzles , and find coins and other items. You’re the main player, Kao, who sets out on a quest to locate Kaia, his sister who is missing. Kaia and find out what the fate of his father.

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The gameplay initially appears rather basic, which is what one would expect from an indie game however, as you progress the more it starts to become more accessible. It’s a credit to the creator it’s got a lot of ambition within Kao the Kangaroo’s gameplay. adding a myriad of new techniques as you progress, including the ability to utilize winds, fire, and ice to solve problems, and making use of crystals to reveal paths in a similar way to how time manipulation mechanics on Crash Bandicoot 4 (albeit more simple). The platforming is fun also, and combat is generally well-designed . the button-bashing is great but there’s room to add some strategic thinking too.

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There’s plenty of excitement to be enjoyed playing Kao The Kangaroo, but it’s not without its flaws. There are bugs that can be trouble at the start and we found ourselves stuck several times, and also had rare occasions where double jumps would not work for whatever reason, along in the case of the stomping attack not being able to work , meaning we had to start the game in order for to advance. Another issue is that sometimes frustration will occur when there are occasional spikes in difficulty (although it’s an easy game in general) and also when the game demands players to know how to take on the boss or eliminate an obstacle but fails to give you a clear idea of what you need to do.

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In terms of design the design of the levels is excellent. The level design Kao The Kangaroo is generally top-quality, particularly the levels that are more typical for platforming. The variety is excellent also, taking players from beaches to frozen mountains and an amusement park with a scary atmosphere visually very appealing. We also appreciate that the game includes an Crash Bandicoot style boulder chase level, as well as an ice-level in which you basically slide down to the bottom but they do feel rather clunky and irritable when compared to the experience you’d get in games similar to Crash.

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The cutscenes aren’t terrible but the voice acting isn’t great in certain instances (particularly when it comes to Kao himself) as well as the story isn’t anything to be awed by. Actually, up until we had completed the final part into the adventure, our minds had focused on the story , and then started looking at the levels. However, the sequences of the final boss’s final battle are, at a minimum, interesting (although the boss itself is extremely difficult to defeat! ).

Kao The Kangaroo is a difficult one to summarize and, while it certainly feels cheap slow, unwieldy and at times frustrating It’s also a fun platformer filled with lots of fun with memorable experiences. It’s like the creator put in the effort to add some excitement to the game, and create something that is worthy of being in the same category as the major players of the genre even if it doesn’t reach the heights of Crash Bandicoot or a Super Lucky’s Tale. It’s refreshing to have Kao fighting for his place in 2022 and not just being used as the easy money grab.

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Pros & Cons

  • Fun platforming, combat is enjoyable too
  • The level design is varied and impressive
  • Plenty of ambitious gameplay mechanics
  • Visually quite a nice looking game
  • Better than we expected it to be!
  • Bugs are a problem at launch
  • Feels low-budget on the whole, clunkiness and frustration can sometimes creep in
  • Only takes a few hours to rush through it

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