Ice Age is coming to Minecraft on Xbox

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Is it just me, or do you feel like it’s more cold? It’s definitely more chills than yesterday. Did I leave a door open? Do I stand in a frozen space? Could it be due to: Ice Age is coming to Minecraft! Inspired by the 20th Century Studios’ Ice Age movies and crafted by 4j Studios, the frost-covered world of Ice Age, alongside its massive cast of characters that are huggable and an expansive interactive map, will soon be available to you in the Overworld*!

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I’ve been enjoying the powdered snow in Minecraft since the moment I came across leather booties, but I’m thinking I’ll enjoy it even more once I don the Manny skin and run around an entirely different Overworld. If you look up to the horizon, and you’ll spot saber-tooth Tigers roaming the glaciers as well as prehistoric pigs walking through the forest and vultures flying through the sky with a dark shadow that lurks beneath the blue-ice water.

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As a huge lover of Ice Age movies, I am not sure which one I’m most interested in exploring the skeleton bridge, or the lava waterfalls? The Ice cavern or the mammoth tree? This huge map reconstructs the most famous locations from all the films which includes the upcoming Adventures of Buck Wild – in stunningly blocky ways. It’s a must to look into everything, since you’ve been assigned an important task to collect. As a collector who has a lot of horses, axolotls cat and llamas within my saved files I’m excited to channelling my old-fashioned squirrel and searching the Overworld for acorns instead! Not just any acorns These elusive nuts hold an obscure secret that you’ll need to find them all in order to discover it!

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If you’re planning to journey all the way in time to Ice Age, you’re going be looking like a king! The game comes with the 30 brand new avatars that let you leap over glaciers like Sid and trudge through the mud pools of Manny or leap across the gap between death and life as Diego.

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My favourite Ice Age character is Ellie as she is also averse to the enclosed spaces, and is somewhat scared of caves. I’d love to teach her the torch trick, which is simple: you put torchlights every two steps and it will never be dark enough to allow mobs to appear! Of course, the cave of Ellie did have a water problem However, the right friends (or many buckets) will be able to solve it!

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Get started today on your frosty exploration through download Ice Age DLC* Ice Age DLC* on your Minecrafting device!

Here you can watch a trailer of Ice Age is coming to Minecraft on Xbox!

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