How to take apart xbox one controller

How to take apart xbox one controller? If you’re looking to customize the controller, tear it down or even replace a thumbstick, you’ll need to be able to access the door on your Xbox One controller. The Xbox One controller is an famous piece of technology. It is widely regarded as the top controllers available It provides an comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. It’s not only with the console but as well on PCs. So it’s not surprising that it is used quite a few. In time the Xbox controller will accumulate dirt and grime or worse, it may develop problems in the buttons, D-pad or thumbsticks.

What are Reasons to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller?

It is likely that your Xbox One controller gets a significant amount of play. Therefore, it must be regularly maintained. In addition to cleaning the buttons every now and then You probably don’t make this a habit. In this way you need take apart an xbox one controller.

However, to ensure the long-term performance of the controller means you must know how to properly take off the Xbox One controller apart. It could be:

  1. Repair or replace a damaged or broken thumbstick
  2. Replace or repair the button or trigger
  3. Make sure you check the battery connections.
  4. Get rid of any dirt that has built up on the controls

Continue reading to find out the steps to unlock the Xbox One controller for cleaning and repairs. Be aware that these steps are specific to Microsoft-produced Xbox One and One S controllers and not for older or third-party devices. If you own a third party Xbox One controller, these typically have eight screws that can be removed using the use of a smaller Philips screwdriver.

In any case it is possible to follow this tutorial to unlock up a first-generation Xbox Series X/S Controller.

What You Will Need to Disassemble Your Xbox One Controller

Opening the Xbox One controller isn’t as straightforward as opening the radio from an earlier time. Screwdrivers aren’t the only tools you can use to open the Xbox One controller. Instead, you’ll require an Torx screwdriver:

  • Torx screwdriver (T8 or T9, based on the controller model)
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Tool for prying plastic (guitar plectrum/pick is an excellent alternative)
  • Disposable knife or plastic spudger

Are you lacking the equipment needed to access the inside of your Xbox One controller’s interior? Don’t worry about it, a variety of X One controller tool kits are available on the internet.

How to Take Apart a Microsoft Xbox One Controller

The procedure for accessing the Xbox One controller is straightforward using the proper tools.

  • The battery cover should be removed along with any other batteries
  • Take off the grip plastic
  • Remove the five Torx screws.
  • Remove the rear cover of the controller.
  • Remove the internals from the front fascia

We’ll walk you through the steps in greater depth. It is important to note that opening a first-generation console Series X/S controller follows the exact same procedure.

How to Open the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S Controller

Before proceeding, make sure that you have your Xbox One controller is powered off. Set your controller onto a desk or other solid surface, with the tools in reach. Note that one of the screws is hidden behind the sticker in your battery housing.

These steps will allow you to open your Xbox One controller.

  1. Open the door to the battery compartment , and then set it aside.
  2. Remove the door to the battery compartment and set it aside.
  3. Get rid of the batteries and save them to use the future.
  4. With the help of a spudger or plectrum use the spudger or plectrum to loosen the plastic panels that are on both sides of your controller’s “handles” where the controller rests on your palm. This could take some time and you must make sure to take your time and gently move the plectrum over every edge until you are able to remove them.
  5. When the controller is facing down remove 5 Torx screws. There are two on the left side, two on the right and one beneath the label that is in the compartment for batteries. Keep the screws in a safe place to be used future use.
  6. The back panel should be lifted off.
  7. Now you can remove your main controller. Note that there is a second plastic case that contains PCBs (printed circuit boards).
  8. At this point, you can switch out the D-pad, thumbsticks and other buttons, if you’re thinking of any changes.

Disassembling the PCB at this point requires some understanding of electronics so don’t do it if not familiar with PCBs or electronic components (see below for more details).

Congratulations, you have now learned how to take apart and reassemble your Xbox One controller and may be don’t need by new xbox controller.

You Opened Your Xbox One Controller: What Next?

Now you have you’re X One controller in pieces on your floor. What do you do now? Here are some suggestions on how you can go on.

Clean Your Xbox One Controller

Cleaning your controller should be a top priority, regardless of the situation. From hygiene measures to ensure the spread of infection to keeping your X One controller buttons responsive Cleaning is crucial.

Microsoft suggests isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt. You can use cotton swabs for cleaning difficult to reach places. Most cleaning is done on the plastic parts. If you own a tiny vacuum cleaner that is suitable for electronic components, make use of it to gather any dirt that is thrown off the surface.

After reassembling, apply disinfectant wipes in order to eliminate the risk of infection.

Repair the Xbox One Controller Thumbstick

There are a variety of repairs that can be made when you have the Xbox One controller is open. It is possible to check for buttons that aren’t responding (often repaired with extra cleans) and thumbsticks fixed.

It is known that the Xbox One controller is prone to the thumbsticks (joysticks) becoming loose. Most of the time, this issue is solved by gluing a tiny pole of steel, possibly from a thumbtack, into the thumbstick itself , and pressing it into the analog controller that is mounted in the circuit board.

Fully Teardown Your Xbox One Controller

Do you want to learn the details of how you can make the most of your X One controller works? Think about tearing it down completely by removing the controller to the PCBs. You could even go to the next level and remove the thumbsticks, triggers, buttons, and so on.

Be aware that a subsequent teardown can reveal electrical parts. This means that you’ll have to take steps to avoid the possibility of static electricity damaging the controller.

In addition, four thin wires are located on both the left and right part of the controller (eight wires total). Two wires on either side will be used for the rumble motor, and the remaining four wires connect both PCBs. They can be removed in a controlled manner, but this is only essential if you’re taking it down to make room for replacement parts.

The PCBs, in turn they can be removed from the plastic chassis by removing four tiny screws.

Be careful when labelling and noting the process you could end up with a device that you aren’t able to use!

Customize the Xbox One Controller

It can also be a great method to make customizations (new LEDs or other lights, etc.) on you Xbox console controller. But, more dramatic modifications to the appearance of your controller can be created using a bottle of paint and adhesion enhancer.

How Can You Visually Tell The Difference Between The Original And The S Controller

The One S controller mostly substituted for the initial One controller, it is normal to be concerned that if you come across an especially attractive deal for one of the Xbox controller you may mistakenly be buying the original model instead of an upgraded S gamepad.

There’s a simple and clear method to discern the differences between the two types of controllers.

On the top middle of the controller is at the top of the controller is an Xbox logo button, which will call the home screen of your device when playing. The original X One controller the plastic around this button appears to be shiny, in contrast to the matte finish that is used on the controller’s body. while when you upgrade to the S update, it’s more in line with the other parts on the controller. On the white controllers from the original the plastic around this button will be black, whereas for the console controller, it’s white.

Another way to distinguish the white controllers from each other is to look at the D pad ring, thumb sticks and rumble motors. The fad Lunar White controller option featured gold D pad ring and triggers, while the S controller is black.

Note: Use a plastic spudger to pry open the right and left grip covers. There is a hidden screw located in the middle of the controller behind the label. Find your T8 screwdriver from your kit, and begin removing the five security screws as shown. You’ll need a T8-compatible screwdriver kit to get into your Xbox controller’s security screws, and this more than does the job. Be careful while using the soldering iron not to damage other components or hurt yourself. Slide the pry tool between the plastic seam on the grips as shown.

In conclusion

Once you’re sure that you’re satisfied that the Controller is ready to use , follow the directions above, but reverse them to reassemble the controller.

In the event that you’ve cleaned it up or fixed it and reassembled it, you Xbox one controllers should be functioning as usual once more. If not, think about buying another controller, or exploring other options for troubleshooting. In next articles we will show you how take apart an xbox one console with all the tools.


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