How to Get Mods in Cities: Skylines on Xbox One?

Hey, town chiefs! How are the administration of your cities? We’re not able to enjoy this great game. We have to talk of Cities: Skylines, but this time it’s available for Xbox One Edition. The game is so addictive that even after more than eight years since its launch the game continues to draw new players.

If you’re not aware with Cities: Skylines is a single-player game with the aim of helping construct and manage successfully the city and its institutions. It is crucial to build roads as well as an industrial zone and also take care of the environment as well as citizens their health and living conditions. This article we’ll address questions regarding this game on the Xbox version of the game, and also what you can do to include mods to it. Let’s go.

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Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition

Mods that users create have been restricted to those who been playing Cities: Skylines on PC. This is why Paradox Interactive made a decision on February 18, 2018 to announce an option that would allow players of the game can install mods made by users to the Xbox One consoles. Naturally, players were thrilled with the decision.

With the update for free, Paradox Interactive is now allowing players to add a variety of objects to their cities including UFOs, swimming pools, or the infamous gigantic hamster statues, as well as clock towers. Aren’t you able to see the city becoming more beautiful immediately?

Additionally, an Art Deco free update came through with players playing their own team and decorating their towns slightly more with fresh content. The Creator Pack. Creator Pack and contains many models that many of the best models have created. This can be a lot of fun when we would like to take our gaming experience for Xbox One. Xbox One console to a entirely new level. In the next section we will show you how to allow modifications on Xbox One.


Enabling mods on Xbox One

We love mods! Mods let us play games with the content we’ve always desired, but game designers haven’t released any updates that includes this kind of content. Fortunately, many experienced players are aware of this and apply their knowledge to develop modifications. They are also happy to share their mods with the players. The mods may be fun however there is the possibility of danger.

  • The mods are not directly from Xbox development team, therefore you are using these at your own discretion. Be aware that they may alter any performance issues with your gaming console.
  • If you don’t enjoy an option and choose to turn it off then you must uninstall the game and then reinstall it.
  • It is possible that certain Xbox Network functions (as achievements) may not be available due to changes.
  • Be aware of your personal data. It could be exposed, and the person who created the mod may gain an access point to the Xbox network and data on your device.
  • It can also be a problem with the latest updates to the game. future game updates might not work with the version installed of the game because of the mods that are installed.
  • Accessibility features can be slow or not function at all under influences of mods.
  • Mods might not be suitable for all age group, so if are a child, some mods may not suit you.
  • Importantly, Microsoft is not responsible for game modifications and doesn’t test or validate them, therefore it is important to know that installing any mod entirely at the risk of your personal safety.

Steps for enabling mods on Xbox One

You must first run the Xbox app for Windows on your PC to see if the mod is compatible with the Cities: Skylines game. Go to the game’s details page and look for This game can be modded.

Start The Xbox One app and go to the details page for the game in order to activate the mod. Then, click the More action button, select Enable Mods and follow the instructions in order to activate the mod.

Following these steps after which you’ll be able access the mods folder. Mods downloaded will be stored in these folders to play inside the game. In addition, you can take mods out of the folder if there are certain mods that you do not enjoy playing with no longer.

If you’re still struggling to determine what mod (or mods) you’d like to include within the game, we’ve created a list of a few of the most well-known mods available for Cities: Skylines Xbox One edition.

  • Giant Hamster Statue

This is definitely one of the most fun and it’s here to terrorize your residents. The massive hamster statue will be nearly as tall as the tallest structures in your town and will cause fear in the bones of every citizen who pass by. Muahaha. This mode does not have any particular purpose, but it’s fun having it on your game.

  • Footbal Field Park

If you’re a sports lover and believe that your residents should be able to enjoy sporting events, then you’re not able to resist the urge to include one of the available stadiums equipped with Football Parks mod that will improve the appearance of your city and boost the sporting spirit of your residents.

  • The Levitator

Are aliens likely to visit your city? It’s sure to increase the popularity of your town. The UFO that is added to your city is sure to cause a flurry of suspicion among the residents about the strange flying object in the sky which they can see while walking through the city. What if they had known!

  • The Wanderlust Whale

Did anyone say vacation? The best way to enjoy your vacation time than to go to a luxurious resort, and indulge in drinks, exquisite food and enjoying the sun. That’s exactly what your residents will experience with this mod which adds the real straight cruise ship into the game.

  • Construction Sites

This Construction Sites mod gives your game a sense of real-life since it’s possible to keep track of progress like the construction of an object actually takes place. This mode lets you select different dimensions of construction area that will increase in size in time, and the construction process will be so advanced that it becomes real and is able to be upgraded as time goes by.


Final Thoughts

You can clearly see that there are a lot of mods that you could install in the Cities: Skylines Xbox One game. Cities: Skylines is one of the most well-known games for building cities, and players enjoy playing it on various consoles. This article we will focus exclusively on playing the Xbox One version of this game, and how you can add modifications that can make the game more enjoyable.

In the event that you stick to these guidelines and follow these steps, you’ll be able to collect different mods to your collection. Here are some of the most well-known mods available for Xbox One. Xbox One version, and there are many moreavailable; simply search for them online.

We must also note that installing mods on your own at risk, as mods are not the product of Microsoft as well as Paradox Interactive, the developer of the game. Mods could affect your performance or alter the game console’s settings. in addition, when installing mods, you acknowledge that your information is available and the mod’s creator is privy into the data on your gaming console. Mods are enjoyable to play with however, you must think twice when you decide to play playing with files supplied by third party. Best of luck creating your dream town!


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