How to clean xbox one: 5 easy steps

If you’re playing Minecraft or Call of duty with your friends on the Xbox One, the last thing you’re thinking about is dust and dirt that’s accumulated on your console. But cleaning it properly on the surface of your Xbox One console is the best way to take care of it, and doing so will ensure that the system won’t suffer because of dust accumulation and other damage. From my article, you will know:

  • How do I clean the dust out of my Xbox One?
  • How do I clean my Xbox One without opening it?
  • Do Xboxes need to be cleaned?
  • How do I make my Xbox One run faster?

How to clean xbox one exterior guide

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The most essential features of having an Xbox is cleaning it and tidy, especially in order to prevent internal damage due to dust build-up.

To clean the exterior of the exterior of your Xbox, use a microfiber cloth or any dust cloth to clean dirt, fingerprints, or other dirt smudges. And don’t forget about xbox controller. This will also eliminate a lot of dust which accumulates on top of electronic devices, specifically those that are stored in cabinets or beneath TV stands.

Alongside the exterior appearance it is possible to be able to hear your console’s fan emitting more noise after hours of play. For certain players, this loud activity could cause slower game play, or other problems. To remedy this, try using an compressed air to get rid of dust. Make sure you unplug your device prior to starting any kind of cleaning to prevent injury or damage.

Microsoft cautions against trying to open your gaming console and advises you to seek expert assistance in any repairs that need to be made internally. Contrary to Xbox 360, unlike Xbox 360, the Xbox One has no removable faceplate. Microsoft cautions against using any kind of liquid cleaner, because even the best use of it could cause moisture damage to the ventilation system of the console.

How to clean the Xbox One

How to clean the Xbox One: Five easy steps

1. Remove the plug from Your Xbox One.

2. Begin with a microfiber cloth to clean all over the exterior and xbox controller too. They are typically identical to lenses cloths you use for your eyeglasses. There are other versions of cleaning cloths also known as dust cloth.

3. Make use of the dust cloth to gently clean the exterior of your console including the top of the device, its bottom, front back and sides of your device. Regular cleaning helps stop the accumulation of dust that may require several cloths to thoroughly cleanse your device. Make circular movements to scrub off any dirt or marks on the plastic components on your phone, which includes the top and front.

4. After you have cleaned the exterior of the exterior of your Xbox One, use a compressed air canister to clean any remaining dust from the ports. The cans are available in smaller and higher-end versions. No matter which one you select, you should use short bursts of energy to eliminate the accumulations in the back ports and vents on your console. Be sure to unplug your device prior to cleansing the ports in your back.

5. Re-clean the outside with a clean dust cloth and clean up the dust that may have settled on top of the device.

Here’s how you can tidy Your Xbox One, along with the tools you’ll require to clean it.

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How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan without Opening

There are two methods for cleaning your console’s ventilation system without having to open it. For starters, you can utilize using an air compressor (compressed air). This is the best choice. If you’re not sure of where to buy one, head to a website for purchasing such as Amazon. You can also buy an air compressor from the local hardware store. They’re easy to use. In the beginning, you must clean the area with the microfiber cloth. It’s crucial to make use of the cloth to get rid of the most dust possible. You can then utilize an compressed air.

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Another option is using a vacuum cleaner to cleanse dust inside the console fan without opening it. Nearly everyone has one, and it’s very easy to use. It’s easy to use, however it’s ineffective. We’re all aware of how dust can affect its performance on your Xbox Although dust does not cause harm to the performance of your Xbox however, it could enter areas that isn’t a good idea, such as the fan in your system.

A blocked fan can make the Xbox to overheat and then shut down abruptly when you’re playing.

Although it’s not possible to return it to its original condition but there are a few ways to clean the dust off the fan without opening your Xbox.

To assist you in keeping your XBOX One Fan clean:

  • Clean dust and grime out from the air vents using an compressed air from a bottle.
  • After cleaning the vents, set your Xbox in a place with good ventilation for it to cool down.
  • Make sure you clean the Xbox One console every three to six months to be sure that it’s in good condition.
  • Keep your Xbox away from the floor and outdoors rather than placed in a rug or inside cabinets, to prevent dust build-up. Keep it away from kids and pets that might cause damage or messes on it.

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If you want to keep the fan in your console free of dirt and dust Prevention can always beat treatment.

As much dust that you let to collect on the surface of your Xbox One, the more likely it is that dust will be able to enter the console’s cooling mechanism via the air vents located on the outside shell.

What Cleaning equipment do you need to clean xbox one fan

The task of cleaning your Xbox fans without opening it will not require costly tools. The majority of tools are available in the home. Some people prefer to use special wet wipes that are drowned in the cleaning chemicals. We don’t recommend that.

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This is how you can clean up your Xbox One ventilator without having to open it:

  • Begin by gently rubbing the dust off the outside of the Xbox. Utilize the brush to reach small crevasses on the sides and the top of the console. Use circular motions using the brush.
  • Start your vacuum and lower your suction to the minimum.
  • Vacuum gently the exterior shell and pay at the crevasses.
  • Once the dust on the outside has been removed, use the cloth and then soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol. Wipe the Xbox’s exterior clean.
  • Turn your Xbox around so that the ports at the back are clear. Make sure you clean the ports at the side of the Xbox using either a Q-Tip or a cotton bud which is soaked into Isopropyl Alcohol. If you force to hard enough, you could risk harming the port.
  • On the upper part of the Xbox One S’s box, there are holes. The fan is positioned under these holes.
  • Turn on your vacuum and make sure that the suction strength is set to medium. Put the vacuum cleaner over those holes. Move it through the room slowly and gently. Make sure to allow at least 2 seconds for vacuums to expand over the holes. One of the most crucial things you should remember regarding this step is to be patient.
  • Then, use a towel and a brush to clean across the entire Xbox using more Isopropyl Alcohol in the event that it is it is necessary.

What to Do and What Not to Do

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  • Don’t boost the vacuum cleaner’s suction pressure above what is necessary. The primary connections of the fan can be damaged if pressure is raised excessively. Be sure that there’s no dirt on the surfaces that you’re cleaning prior to applying Isopropyl Alcohol. In the event that the alcohol is brought in contact with dust particles it could cause worse issue!
  • Do not push the Q-Tips/Cotton bud too much into the ports on the back because this could damage the ports.
  • Always make sure to soak the cloth with isopropyl alcohol (and do not pour directly onto your Xbox).
  • Don’t avoid damp wipes. In time of COVID, you must properly clean game controllers by antibacterial wipes. It’s a simple cleaning process, please, don’t ignore it.

If your console’s fan getting louder, it’s because of dust buildup that causes the fan to spin and perform its task harder. The best method to ensure that your fan in top working in good working order is to maintain the air vents in good condition.

Can dust break an Xbox One?

If you don’t keep your Xbox often dust, dirt, hair and other debris could enter your console, causing it to overheat and fail. Internal components such as your disc drive and cooling fan may also be damaged if dust build-up blocks air vents. Once per week use a damp cloth and remove dust from your console and xbox one controllers. Keep your console clean and xbox one controller too.

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Good gammer remove dust from his gaming system everyday!

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