Halo infinite review

Halo infinite review

In this article, I will try make a good Halo infinite review. Our main opinion is – Halo Infinite saves the series by finally doing something different. But first of all, lets look on this from other way. Halo Infinite’s single player campaign is a fresh generation of the Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor, boosts the 20th anniversary of the series by being both back to its origins and creating new trails to make use of. With the shift to an open-world setting with the same gameplay, both on foot and in the legendary vehicles, it provides the kind of flexibility in combat that has never been seen in any previous Halo game.

There’s a lot to do in this expansive playground, and completing its never-dull-or-overwhelming list of activities earns more combat options and, ultimately, more fun. It’s not as faithful to the variety of the environment or the memorable tale of the first trilogy. However, it’s an amazing return to the form of one of the most beloved gaming series, and also for Master Chief himself.


Is an open world a good thing for Halo? Since the game’s announcement, this question has frequently asked in the context of Halo Infinite. Six years after the bitter note in Halo 5 343 Industries has taken the dust off the Master Chief’s armor in an allusion to the original Bungie retro-futuristic time where Halo was just a huge green guy, a blue holographic partner and a vast open ring with endless possibilities to explore.

What it produces is the possibility of an authentic return to the Master Chief of old, but I’m not convinced Halo actually needed to be an open-world game.

Let’s be clear however: this is a amazing Halo. After playing Halo 3 with the lads every weekend over the past one year Infinite is a fresh breath of air. The thrill of running and shooting within Halo has never been this great, with Master Chief is moving with massive heft as he glides and weaves his way across the ancient amphitheatres that are alien to us.

Halo Infinite: multiplayer

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer provided us a glimpse of this launch, which comes just a month before the main story. While the arsenal of the game feels somewhat stale in the team slayer mode however, the campaign lets even the weakest weapons shine due to an array of alien enemies with distinctive behaviors.

However, this comes at the expense of making the other equipment appear a bit redundant, but that’s just my opinion. The ability to change equipment at any time is not easy and besides having the ability to use the danger sensor in order to display Cloaked Elites–you’re always better to use the convenience (and astonishingly fast cooling down) of a rope that is hooked.

Halo infinite multiplayer

I’m only focusing on the campaign of Infinite in this article, however it’s solely because we’ve played multiplayer alongside players for the last month. It’s a fantastic experience however it’s hampered by a lack of modes, unbalanced weapon handling and the progression system which straight-up is a pain. The first game with a limited-time mode only added to the issues with the lackluster cosmetics pool as well as frustrating issues even though 343 claims it’s taking note, these are mistakes free-to-play games have learned not to commit years ago.

The game I play with my usual Halo buddies online is fun however, I’m exhausting Infinite’s arenas.

What We Thought About Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Loading It’s so nice when a game actually lives up to sky-high expectations! Halo Infinite has been one of the most anticipated games out there since it was first announced three years ago, and for its multiplayer component to so fully deliver on the series’ classic feel while also keeping up with the modern-day competition in the FPS genre is a huge achievement.

Halo Ring road

The grapple is also crucial to discover Halo’s expansive world. It was released following two other traditional linear missions Infinite is the first game to introduce you to the vast landscape in Zeta Halo. While your AI sidekick (more on her in the future) immediately fills the map’s screen with images, do not get fooled. It’s not Far Cry: Ringworld–in fact it’s a wide open world to be quite small.


These activities are more like a distraction from the primary story objectives. As you head to your next plot beat , you could come across a marine squad to save and an FOB (bases from which you can swiftly travel as well as summon vehicles and weapons) to take. They’re enjoyable, but not essential. even though the more powerful strongholds offer an organized, traditional challenging ‘Halo’ game (shut down refineries, destroy an arsenal cache, or blow up a barrier) I never felt the need to split away from the main route to spend time on them.


It’s true, Halo doesn’t lend itself well to a steady stream of unlocks. The main story missions are tightly controlled , and seldom allow you to just roll into tanks. A variety of powerful weapons are available through slaying valuable enemies in the wild However, the levels are constantly giving completely new challenges to your way. Why should you rely on the long-range Sidekick variation when the mission has just sent you into a puddle of sturdier Elites?

Halo Finite

Halo infinite gameplay

However, Halo Infinite is still an open-world, and even when it reverts to an older style of play in the second half of the game it’s not able to escape the structure. It’s likely that the Forerunners enjoyed their visit to Seattle in the Infinite world, since it is a series of minor variations on the identical Pacific Northwest environment. Since the story must be set within this tiny portion in Zeta Halo (less an expansive ringsworld, more of a small national park) missions aren’t able to be separated into desert landscapes as well as frozen valleys or urban warfare zones. When you embark on a mission you can be sure that it will include a mix of pine forests as well as beautiful Forerunner structures.

It’s not a bad thing it’s an amazing forest. Infinite is a stunning game, which has omitted the over-designed environment and characters from 343’s previous games to provide a thoughtful development of Bungie’s graphics. The forests are alive full of wildlife. Grass moves through the air, Forerunner’s fortresses look impressive and intimidating. The horizon ring is real, interfering with the sun, casting long shadows on the horizon.

However, Halo Infinite has boss fights. They typically involve you chasing the boss around a tiny arena and figuring out the most effective method of squeezing their shields , before finishing the game, a more than a bullet-spongey version of Halo’s main loop, with more brutal attacks. They’re great, but they’re a bit long. But there’s a particular place in hell for the Brutes who which you must confront in a ditch, one riding on a swollen-up Chopper while the other smacks the ground with fire from artillery and summons additional enemies when either one is defeated.

Think of Ornstein and Smaugh, armed with launchers for grenades, and you’ll feel my pain.

Infinite features Halo’s best implementation of boss fights yet.

This warm-up is a great preparation for the world outside and once you’re out in the open, your Halo 1 feeling kicks in. You’ll have to move by foot initially so getting yourself a grip on trees or the ground in front of you to push yourself forward becomes the most enjoyable method to travel around the globe. There are many chances to be in difficulties in Zeta Halo, from rescuing groups of captured UNSC Marines, to destroying radio towers for propaganda to getting into huge Banished strongholds, and finally the reclaiming of UNSC forward Operating Bases (FOBs). While nothing is entirely original in relation to games such as Far Cry or Just Cause The feature is a good fit for Halo perfectly in a natural manner, and the missions are varied enough and never so often repeated that they become repetitive or boring.

In the great style of Grand Theft Auto 3, it’s not possible to travel everywhere right out of the gate. In fact, Zeta Halo unlocks section by section, with important stories opening up new areas to explore – although I would like to see that the new locations offered a little more variety. It’s not really a variation in any way. There’s no snowy landscape as the one in Combat Evolved, no urban zone like found in Halo 2 (or in Infinite’s own multiplayer maps , like Streets and Bazaar in particular) or, really… any other thing than the mixture of stone and forest monoliths. It’s almost as if 343 didn’t draw its inspiration for design from the entirety game of Halo 1, it took the inspiration particularly in the form of “The Silent Cartographer” and it didn’t take anything else. It’s quite unsatisfying, especially after a few dozen hours.

Infinite doesn’t waste time with any playable characters who aren’t Master Chief

If you’re like me and have experienced every Halo games campaign several time, the reality the fact that this has been going on for six months since this was the most complicated Halo story that has ever existed means it’s difficult to become familiar with the storyline of Infinite. The sixth Halo games could have had the “Halo’s Story So Far” movie that starts playing before you begin playing like other series that have been running for a long time (most recently, the Microsoft’s Psychonauts 2). It’s possible that 343 ran out time, or maybe it didn’t happen however it’s an error that could have been avoided.

Halo infinite view

There are good things about the plot also, such as the bond with Chief Master Chief and his brand new AI partner, whom we’ve only heard of in the form of The Weapon. The voice of the character is played by Jen Taylor, who also plays Cortana and Spartan designer the Dr. Catherine Halsey. It doesn’t take an avid Halo fan to be able to recognize Taylor’s subtle performances as three characters that are similar, but distinct and effortlessly distinguishes all three roles, based from the fact that The Weapon does not know the Chief in any way (though this makes it more bizarre that the most fundamental Halo concepts aren’t laid out for the new players making her their representative). We witness their friendship develop with tension, only to strain and eventually strengthen. Steve Downes, meanwhile, is awe-inspiring in his sixth appearance as Master Chief. He is a psychologically strained character who struggles through Infinite as an emotionally damaged, lost individual who takes responsibility for the tragic state of humanity , the specifics of that are revealed in a painful way during the game. I hope that 343 does not recast any of these fantastic voice actors.

Fight finished

Infinite will kick off an entirely new phase in Halo by asking us why we became so enthralled with it initially. In a few moments even my tired old heart feels it. Exploring the world after having completed the mission is fun looking around nooks and crannies to find hidden treasures, and enjoying the exotic appeal that is watching the sun go down behind the ring, and emerging on the opposite side seconds afterward. It’s time to wrap up the missions that I did not complete and admitting they better left for later after I’m finished with the story, but longing for some good Halo combat.

Halo Infinite ‘s main thrust is in regaining control over Zeta Halo, figuring out what happened to Cortana, and stopping the Banished from whatever bad thing they’re doing.

Halo Infinite is a great Halo. For fans who have retreated from the Bungie games like myself, Halo Infinite is a solid return to form, and when it comes to battle, it’s one of the best running and gunning experience the series has ever experienced. It’s incredibly easy to imagine a scenario where Infinite could have become one of my top games to the present. With an open world which feels somewhat redundant, and a plot that fails to rid itself of any of the baggage that the franchise has Halo Infinite’s narrative falls just short of being an excellent Halo.

User Reviews

  • Halo Infinite is wonderful! Returns to the classic elements of the franchise, while introducing new mechanics in a beautiful and fun open world. Legendary Halo series returns
  • I’ve been waiting patiently for Halo Infinite to released and finally getting my hands on it and OH MY!! The game was definitely worth the wait! Playing the Multiplayer heavily I’m currently 26 in the Battle Pass, Platinum 4 in ranked and 4 hours in the Campaign. I’m just constantly thinking about Halo Infinite and what else the story as in line for me. The graphics is top tier for a game that is on last Gen. I’m currently playing on a Xbox Series X at 4K 60Hz This game is simply amazing first person shooters!
  • Great gameplay. Unforgetable solo. One of The best halo games since a long time ago. I’m going to make halo infinite s campaign big team battle. Magnific video game!
  • A game built on nostalgia, and I’m tired of people acting like it isn’t. Gameplay is the bare minimum and people act like it’s the greatest thing as if it hasn’t been outdated for the last couple of years. Graphics are absolute **** The only character model that looks good is Master Chiefs. After years of waiting I was also disappointed from the plot and map. Wherever you go you feel like you’re in the same place doing the same thing over and over. I hope one day people see this game without a nostalgia filter and realize what a shut show it really is.
  • Perfect work of xbox game studios, amazing multiplayer mode (I mean infinite multiplayer), wonderful game modes and of course epic adventure. Great games in master chief collection.

Critic Reviews

  • In the end, it’s hard not to love Halo Infinite, which is easily the most complete game in a franchise that’s long set the bar for gaming. There’s just nothing like playing through an adventure as the Master Chief’s.
  • Playable on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Cloud Streaming and even via Game Pass, there’s virtually no borders to prevent you from playing Halo Infinite and experiencing this evolution of the series. I absolutely enjoyed my time stepping back into Chief’s shoes, and I wasn’t sure how connected or how much I would care about new characters, The Pilot and The Weapon, but by the time the credits rolled, I really quite enjoyed The Weapon, making for a fine replacement for Cortana in her own right. As a Halo campaign, this is easily my favorite since Reach and right up there with the best of the series. Get your favorite weapon and finish the fight, Chief.
  • Taking both single and multiplayer as a whole, Halo Infinite marks a return to form for a franchise that is in desperate need of one. Its open-world may feel a tad formulaic, but it also houses plenty of emergent gameplay opportunities while continuing to offer huge set-pieces…Multiplayer battle pass progression aside, playing with friends in Halo Infinite feels closer to the glory days of Halo 3 than ever. If you’d been concerned based on prior showings, you can put those concerns to rest – Halo is back, and it might just be better than ever, just halo infinite. Halo fans will be glad
  • Halo Infinite is a successful Microsoft experiment. You will not experience a gram of revolution here – it’s just a safe evolution with respect to the source material, but all in all: why change something that works? The infinite’s open world is rather an addition for those who are interested – it does not spoil what has always been the best in Halo, i.e. the epic story and dynamic action. Even the graphics that would not knock you down and on PS4, not to mention the new generation, screams straight: Infinite is an old school game. And in fact, it is such a gate that takes us back into the ancient times – which can be seen as both an advantage and a disadvantage.
  • I am very happy to tell you that Halo: Infinite is the Halo that we have been waiting for and that shows that indeed, 343 Industries is the indicated study to continue with the Master Chief legacy and that most likely, this new formula that integrates an open world in campaign, be the way to go for future installments. While the way his story is told is unfriendly to newcomers, I would tell you that you will still find a great FPS in case you never gave John 117 a chance, and if you are one of the old veterans Well, fasten your seatbelt well, an authentic journey full of emotions awaits you that will surely return you to the most memorable moments of this super iconic franchise. Xbox is Halo and Halo is Xbox.

Verdict Halo Infinite

Halo has been a huge source of inspiration to me over the last 20 years. From the moment I first stepped on the Ring within Halo 1 to the surprise Arbiter arch within Halo 2 (Halo: Combat Evolved) to being heartbroken by the pathetic storytelling in Halo 5 and apathetic gameplay, it’s among the few games in which every single new mainline game truly matters to me. In the midst of six long years it’s fair to ask: does Halo remain in the “Best Shooter” conversation? Do I really want to know? I am happy and ecstatic by the fact that Halo Infinite emphatically answers both the questions with a definitive yes. The freedom to roam around the vast open ring and nearly complete freedom to enter combat using a variety of legendary weapons, vehicles, and toys has definitely made Halo’s single-player experience come back to the forefront as the top game available (to be sure, not forgetting the fantastic multiplayer feature) although it fumbles somewhat with its story and the lack of variety in the environment, Infinite picks it back up with a slick style.

Experience a new halo infinite campaign story in the universe that first came to be in the Xbox series x game (Xbox Game Studios), dramatizing the epic conflict between humanity and an alien threat, the Covenant. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can claim a Perk for a 30-day free trial of Paramount+ starting on March 23. Now your are free to play halo infinite s campaign.

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