Gta vice city xbox review

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is among the most well-known open-world games launched in 2002. Although it’s a dated game in comparison to modern games, it has a huge player base who play this game on a daily basis. It’s a great game with lots in action and adventure weapons, gangsters, cars and much more. What are the reasons to play gta vice city xbox series in 2022?
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After the huge popularity in Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar Games had lots of expectations to meet. About a year later, it came out with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the PS2. The game was set in the 80s and it introduced a fresh story, a brand new play area that was set in Vice City and plenty of new content for players to play. With numerous prizes and millions of copies sold, the game is getting the updated treatment for the first time in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition available this November 11 11th on Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch. We’ll take a look at the 15 things that you should know about a brand new player prior to jumping in Vice City xbox series specifically.

Soundtrack and music in GTA vice city xbox

The music of GTA Vice City Xbox is distinct and attractive. It dates back to the 80s because it features the entire collection of 80s-inspired music on the radio channel. One of the most exciting aspects of this particular game is the fact that it can transport you to a new world filled with fun and enjoyment while driving the downtown streets with the sound of music blasting.

As in Grand Theft Auto 3 There is a radio station available in Vice City but with much more licensed music than prior to. There’s Flash FM with pop music such as Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean the Iron Maiden’s two Minutes from Midnight on V-Rock, in addition, Fever 105 with tracks like Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang. There’s the Vice Public Radio, a public talk radio station, as well as K-Chat where you can listen to interviews with celebrities. The “MP3 player” is also available the one in GTA 3. which lets you import your music into an custom playlist.

Storyline Grand theft auto vice city

The plot that is told in GTA Vice City is simply amazing, it is filled with violent scenes, unforgettable moments and much more. When you begin the game it will show the full video of the entire storyline of every character in the game.

Storyline Grand theft auto vice city

The plot follows Tommy Vercetti of the Forelli mafia escaping prison after an extended period of 15 years and being transferred into Vice City for a deal with the Vance Brothers. The situation turns sour when the group is surrounded and it is the responsibility of Tommy to find the item as well as the money to pay his manager Sonny. Like other stories within the show, this one’s a trip through the underworld of crime begins when Tommy encounters different characters, tracks down the criminal and then enjoys doing what he does best.

Amazing Characters GTA Xbox

The characters featured in Grand Theft Auto Vice City do not only include Tommy Vercetti as there are many other incredible characters too. Some characters such as Ricardo Diaz, Lance Vance and Rosenberg are just amazing, we’re sure you will not be bored when playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Amazing Characters GTA Xbox

The primary differentiator among Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City is the fact that Tommy is an actor who is fully voiced as the protagonist (with only famous Ray Liotta playing him). Other characters players meet comprise Lance Vance (played by Philip Michael Thomas) who is seeking revenge over his brother’s murder as well as a crooked realtor Avery Carrington (played by another legend, Burt Reynolds); and the kingpin Ricardo Diaz (played Luis Guzman) as well as many more. Other stars include Gary Busey, Dennis Hopper and even Danny Trejo.

Action Packed GTA vice city

GTA Vice City is an exciting video game in which you will be able to experience lots of adventure, action and even violence. The game is filled with combat, adventure as well as gangsters, weapons as well as other thrilling features you’ll love to play.

Action Packed GTA vice city

In terms of open-world style, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features some of the same games like Grand Theft Auto 3 such as vigilantism, fire fighting, taking taxi cabs, providing fare to passengers and acting as paramedic. A brand new game, pizza boy is included. When you complete these, you’ll give you bonuses and perks like higher max health and body armor, fire-resistant and more. Other additions to make people live their lives to the fullest include a shooting area to test different weaponry, robbing stores and obviously the random destruction that can raise one’s level of Wanted.

Simple Controls in Vice city

GTA Vice City’s controls GTA Vice City are very easy and simple even if you do not know anything about game play in the open world, you can play GTA vice city without difficulty. Furthermore, GTA Vice City’s controls Grand Theft Auto Vice City are also simple to comprehend, and you’ll be able to master its simple control in a brief amount of time.

GTA Vice City controls are more streamlined. GTA Vice City controls are closer to those from GTA 5 or GTA San andreas with its better control of drive-bys and the weapon selection system. This makes it faster and more efficient during a gunfight, and shootouts with drive-by shooting are now simple and extremely helpful in some of the games’ later missions. However, driving isn’t quite as easy. Alongside being a bit more complicated than the GTA 3 controls, we are now riding motorbikes, and are, in contrast to cars, don’t have their handling affected. They are more comfortable. The process of popping wheelies is much easier than it was in the beginning and provides greater control.

Setting and graphics grand theft auto vice city

In terms of size, Vice City isn’t a significantly larger that Liberty City but it does have lots to provide. Inspired by the 80s of Miami and comprised by two islands, Vice City Beach and Vice City Mainland with distinct districts and distinctive places. There are two smaller islands that are Starfish Island and Prawn Island that you can explore.

Rockstar has already revealed a number of visual enhancements throughout the game including revamped character models and high-resolution textures. It also includes more effects and details about the environment, and a longer drawn length (with the ability to play 4K resolution and up to 60 frames per second). When compared with Grand Theft Auto 3, the design is brighter and more vibrant and vibrant, whether you’re enjoying the bright beaches or the neon-drenched cityscape in the night.

Setting and graphics grand theft auto vice city

Vice City is very juxta-opposed to GTA 3. Vice City is full of vibrant colors and lively scenes, along with the ray-tracing technology, you can bring the colors out more and with the pink light fixtures neon signs, lamps, lights, clothing, even the ocean, it all appears more thrilling. Of the three games that comprise The Definitive Edition, Vice City is the one that stands out as the most stunning design. But it’s not all great as we’ve noted within the GTA 3 Definitive Review, Vice City still suffers from poor character models.

Open World Design and Activities

In terms of open-world style, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features several of the same features like Grand Theft Auto 3 like vigilantismand fire fighting and stealing taxi cabs and delivering passengers in exchange for fees, and also acting as an ambulance. A brand new game, pizza man, is included. When you complete these, you’ll give you bonuses and perks like higher max health, body armor, fire-resistant and more. Other additions to make the world to come alive include a shooting facility to test different weapons as well as robbing stores, and of course, creating chaos to boost one’s Wanted Level.

When you have completed a specific tale mission after completing a certain story mission, GTA Vice City gives you the chance to purchase Assets. They’re basically businesses that offer a steady stream of revenue each day (provided you complete all the Asset missions) in addition to saving points. They must be purchased , and even though they cost $400,000 total the Mobile Version that is available in Vice City halved each Asset’s cost. Maybe this will be carried over to Vice City’s Final Edition? We’ll need to wait and watch.

Weapons in gta vice city xbox series

Comparatively against Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City significantly increases the number of guns available for purchase. This includes firearms like the Colt .45 and Colt Python pistols, Spaz 12 and Pump Action Shotgun as well as The MP5 and the Tec9 SMGs as well as a minigun in addition to the rocket launcher and the flamethrower. It’s even better because of the range of melee weapons ranging that range from a basic screwdriver, knife, chainsaw, katana and machete, and meat cleaver.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City does rely on its timed missions too much. A majority of the timed missions depend on heavy weapons. The way these weapons are handled is now abysmal to put it mildly. There is no more complex joystick movements and the target system. Instead, we’re using the spray and pray mechanism that will cause 90 percent of your shots getting missed unless you’re up close and intimate. It’s annoying because helicopter missions as well as Speedboat shootouts all depend on this weapon as well as the M4 which does not have the latest modern targeting systems. Prepare to lose your life in these mission and then restart them many times.

Vehicles in game grand theft auto vice city

There are 101 vehicles available in the GTA area: Vice City with more options to choose from , including Two-Door Cars, Four-Door Cars, Vans, Industrial vehicles, Boats, Sports Cars and RC Cars. The game also includes motorcycles and aircraft that are able to fly. The Ultimate Edition promises the same control layout as Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA San andreas but how it can improve the game’s driving, that’s still superior to GTA 3.0 is yet to be determined.

Vehicles in game grand theft auto vice city

The mechanics of car handling have been upgraded to be more in line with current driving games, yet it’s not quite like that. GTA Vice City xbox feels like an unrecognizable shadow of its former predecessor. It was a game that was responsive and comfortable when you could swerve off of traffic. Today, cars offer an ethereal experience, and have greater drift and shorter stopping distance. It’s a brand new process of learning for something which shouldn’t be handled or even handled in actual. It’s not as if it’s an Rockstar original game and it feels as if Grove Street Games wanted to create a new mark on the game, and then create the version they desired. It’s unfortunate considering the amount of time you’re driving around in these games.

What may you dislike in gta vice city?

Less music

We all know that GTA Vice City had the most amazing music throughout every single game in the PS2 trilogy However, there are 22 less tracks than the previous versions and GTA 3 seemingly getting all of the latest tracks radio stations are a bit scarce if you are looking to listen to radio while driving. The songs missing were replaced with repeated ads or by repeating songs repeatedly. This is a pity as I would like to have heard something different even if it had no lyrics. Simply a smooth 80’s synth could have been enough.

Buggy Cutscenes

The one feature Vice City does differently than GTA 3 did is with the cutscenes. GTA 3 opted for scripted scenes whereas Vice City’s cutscenes are more game-centric and, as a result, led to some very bizarre things happening. For instance, prior to the scene of taking out Diaz at his home, I am a passenger in an ambulance and it led to the ambulance dominating the entire frame in which the scene unfolded. I could not see a single thing. At this point, but people driving in their vehicles would frequently speed Lance over while I was talking to him. while it was fun to watch in some instances, it caused me to restart my level due to this.

No new content

It’s a bit sad that, despite cutting content lying on the floor in the design room, Vice City isn’t graced with any new content added. This is the exact Vice City that you know and love from a long time ago. GTA is a video game Developed by Rockstar Games, adapted by Grove Street Games. Published by Rockstar Games Developed by Rockstar Games Playable on Xbox One Xbox Series X|S.

Conclusion about GTA vice city

GTA Vice City is the top of the trio, created by rockstar games, however it is only barely. In the end, it has a better sound and I could easily spend the majority of my time just cruising around as well as listening to radio channels created to accompany the game. The story is still able to stand very well when compared the story of GTA 3 or the San Andreas coming of age story, but my main point in the review is that, if are already an avid player or these titles, then you should play the originals , or just wait for when GTA: The Trilogy goes back to the Rockstar games store now that they have confirmed that they will put the games back for sale. If you’re new to the series, then you’re most likely to be disappointed. Moreover the price of $60/PS50 is too high in the case of three titles that are not yet fixed. It’s not a good decision to forget that it is 2021. With the year that has seen a number of failed launches, one wonder if this is the new normalis acceptable, and if as consumers, we should be demanding more and seeking more. While I was awed by the majority of my time in Vice City, this is not the same Vice City that I remember.

The reasons mentioned above to play GTA Vice City will be beneficial to you in selecting the game that is open to all. Although the games in the Grand Theft Auto series are great, it is best to pick games that are basic like Grand Theft Auto Vice City that do not require any sophisticated specs.

But, you might have a different opinion about the graphics high-quality in GTA Vice City but still it’s much better than the other open-world games that are popular. For any questions concerning Grand Theft Auto Vice City do not hesitate to leave a leave a comment below or be in touch with us at any time. We wish you the best.

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