Elden Ring: What does it mean when the Beast Eye quivers

When the Beast Eye trembles, a boss that drops Deathroot is nearby. This is a rare item that can be exchanged for more expensive goods that are beneficial for all kinds of builds. Every time the Beast Eye activates, a notice will appear at the bottom of the screen.

What Does the Beast Eye Quivers Mean in Elden Ring?

The majority of Elden Ring’s essential supplies are provided by certain NPCs. There is no exception with The Beast Eye.

The Beast Eye is a gift that you may get from Gurranq, a Beastman Clergy in the Bestial Sanctum area of the Elden Ring.

You must fight the Tibia Mariner boss in the Summonwater Village before you may approach this NPC. After there, you’ll come across a sending gate that will teleport you right up to Gurranq’s entrance.

In return for important artifacts, the Beastman Clergy grants you the ability to locate Deathroots for him via the Beast Eye.

If a boss drops a Deathroot, the notice “The Beast Eye quivers” will show up while you are nearby.

When you see this notification, you should pursue and defeat the adjacent boss in order to get a Deathroot.

What Does the Beast Eye Do in Elden Ring?

When a nearby boss drops Deathroot, The Beast Eye notifies you so you can utilize it to feed Gurranq in return for extra treasure.

The message “The Beast Eye quivers” will appear on the screen whenever a boss that drops the rare item is close.

As a result, you should attempt to confront the boss for the item every time.

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You can summon D, the NPC who originally pointed you in the direction of the Sending Gate, upon every boss that drops a Deathroot.

Visit Gurranq to receive your reward each time you obtain a Deathroot. The Beastman Clergy rewards you with a new item after each Deathroot.

Eventually, he’ll turn hostile after the 4th Deathroot, but if you deal enough damage, he’ll apologize and go back to his friendly state. After that, you can carry on feeding him Deathroot for more loot.

What Is Deathroot?

The Beast Clergyman Gurranq will accept Deathroot as payment when you want to buy unique things.

Gurranq pursues and consumes these because he likes the flavor. He offers you the Beast Eye to locate Deathroots for him as a result, as doing so is essential to finishing his mission.

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Give Deathroot to Gurranq

Gurranq will accept Deathroot in exchange for more expensive goods. In reality, he offers you the Beast Eye but doesn’t explain how to utilize it.

As you can see, you may find bosses that drop Deathroot by using the Beast Eye.

Once you’ve beaten each boss, return to Gurranq to get your prize.

Gurranq will eventually turn hostile. The good news is that once you have caused enough harm, he will stop acting out. It’s not necessary to murder him. After that little fit of wrath, feel free to offer him more Deathroot.

All Deathroot Rewards – Gurranq

These are all the rewards Gurranq (the Beast Clergyman) will give you when you hand over Deathroot in Elden Ring:

Deathroot Reward
1st Deathroot Clawmark Seal
2nd Deathroot Bestial Sling
3rd Deathroot Bestial Vitality
4th Deathroot Ash of War: Beast’s Rawr
5th Deathroot Beast Claw
6th Deathroot Stone of Gurranq
7th Deathroot Beastclaw Greathammer
8th Deathroot Gurranq’s Beast Claw
9th Deathroot Ancient Dragon Smithing

Beast Eye Quivers Locations

Elden Ring has a total of nine Deathroot items that need to be collected.

In the following locations, you’ll get a notification for “The Beast Eye quivers”:

Location Target
Summonwater Village Tibia Mariner
Snow Valley Tibia Mariner
Carian Study Hall Tibia Mariner
Black Knife Catacombs In a chest after you defeat Cemetery Shade
Wyndham Ruins Tibia Mariner
Gelmir Hero’s Grave In a chest after defeating Red Wolf of the Champion
Deathtouched Catacomb In a chest after you defeat the Black Knife Assassin
Haligtree Commander O’Neil
Mountaintops of the Giants Ulcerated Tree Spirit

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