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Elden ring: how to join medallions? Medallions are among the most crucial things in Elden ring. Why? because they unlock a variety of locations that are hidden and enable players to travel quickly to other places. They can be obtained through completing questlines or exploring in the Lands Between. But, having haligtree medallion will not be enough to speed up travel. You must gather both parts of medallions in order to activate them. What is the best way to activate them? Do not worry, we have our guide to show you how to join medallions within Elden Ring.

How to Join Medallions in Elden Ring?

There are two parts to each of the Dectus as well as the Haligtree Secret medallions. It is essential to get each of the left and right half of the haligtree medallion from an specific location in order for them to be joined. After joining them you can then create a secret route or locate. Below are the steps to join and activate the Dectus Medallion:

How to Join Dectus Medallions?

  • The first step is to acquire both the halves of Dectus medallion. The left Dectus medallion from Fort Haight. Fort Haight located southwest of the Limgrave.
  • The fort is a miniature dungeon, which means you’ll be confronted by enemies. The left entrance is situated at the uppermost part of the castle inside the treasure chest.
  • To get the correct medallion To obtain the right medallion, we must go towards Forth Faroth located in Dragonbarrow.
  • It lies located to the north-east of the Caelid region..
  • When you are inside the fort, make a straight turn until you can see an step ladder.
  • Go up to the top of the stairs to open the chest for the second portion.
  • Once we’ve got both of the half, we can head towards the Grand Lift of Dectus. Take the stairs up and then climb on the circular platform to raise the elden ring dectus medallion.
  • You’ll be able to access Altus plateau. Altus plateau after joining to the Dectus medallion.
  • Kill the knight, and you’ll be able to open a chest containing the left half of the Dectus Medallion.

Travel to the Lift of Rold and stand at the base of the statues. Instead of pressing to brandish the regular haligtree medallion, use the prompt at the bottom of the screen to switch action and select “Haligtree secret medallion

How to Join Haligtree Secret Medallion in Elden Ring?

  • To find the left-hand half of the Haligtree medallion, you’ll need go towards Castle Sol situated in north east in the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • When you arrive you will meet and fight the commander Niall. There is the Left Haligtree hidden medallion at the the top the top of Castle Sol.
  • To continue the journey for the second half, you must go towards Albinaurics, the Albinaurics Village. Albinaurics situated within the Liurnia of Lakes.
  • When you traverse through the swamps and marshes there is an underground caveby the shoreline. You must find the pot that’s hidden as an Albinauric known as Albus.
  • He will present you with the Haligtree secret medallion when you hit him twice or once.
  • Once you have gotten both halves, go towards Rold’s grand Lift in Rold.
  • After you’ve arrived at the exact location, climb the stairs and walk to the circle. You’ll be given the option to open two paths.
  • If you lift an award and it unlocks access to the Mountaintop of Giants. However, if you lift this Haligtree secret medallion and then unlock the way to the consecrated Snowfield.
  • Once you’ve opened the chest, you’re ready to find the second half of the medallion in Fort Faroth .

Grand Lift of Dectus location and how to activate the lift in Elden Ring

Stand in a circle in front of them, and if you have two conjoined halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, select “Hoist Secret Medallion.” The Grand Lift of Rold map location Stand on the circle in front of statues Pass between the statues and enter the tunnel A cutscene will ensue, and a secret passage will start opening.

If you have a good idea of the location of is the Grand Lift of Dectus is located in Elden Ring and can get there in a short time, scroll to the end of this page for the best way to turn it on. If not, we’ve put together the easiest way to reach it.

The most straightforward way to gain access into The Tower of Dectus requires that you have gained acces to the other Legacy Dungeon in Elden Ring. It’s the Raya Lucaria Academy located in Liurnia and is available to get access to after having completed Stormveil Castle.

The academy is the massive white structure in the middle of Lake Michigan You can get to it by obtaining access to the Glintstone Key.

You don’t have to have begun it, but breaking the seal located on the south-facing side of the Legacy Dungeon and unlocking the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace will make the journey into The Tower of Dectus very simple. The image below illustrates exactly where Legacy Dungeon and the Site of Grace are on the map.

To enter the dungeon, once you’ve obtained acquired the Glintstone Key, head west towards the building that are located at Academy Gate Town Site of Grace (which is located in the lower right corner of the map above) and continue to the structure that is the structure itself. Make contact by interacting with the seal in blue near the massive front gate and you’ll be transported.

After you’ve been teleported, you’ll arrive at an entrance to the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Make contact with the blue glow seal that’s on the bridge going to the north, and you’ll be transported to the next location. From here, all you need be doing is to follow the road that is heading north until you reach The Tower of Dectus.

There are some dangers however they’re easy to avoid. Simply keep walking towards the road and look for the green mark in the upper right corner in the below map. We’ve added a few additional in-game images to assist you to your way to the Grand Tower of Dectus itself.

When you’re inside the massive structure, you’ll find an Site of Grace on the right side, so make sure to turn it on. Take a walk towards the two statues and place yourself behind them in the circular. Click on the medallions to activate them and a brief cutscene will be played and you will be transported to the Altus Plateau.

Congrats and best of luck!

In Concluison

This concludes our guide on how to join medallions within Elden Ring. If you enjoyed this guide be sure to go through the other tutorials on summoning Melina as well as where to purchase Arrows, and how to open up hidden pathways within the Elden Ring. You can find them at Our Blog.


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