Black Desert on Xbox. New Drakania Class Revealed

Greetings, adventurers! The destroyer from Ynix is here! Drakania is her descendant from Markthanan is finally making her way towards Black Desert on Xbox as the 24th class. This is what we know to date.

Drakania is the descendant from Drakania, the descendant of the Night Dragon Markthanan, is strong and brutal. Much like her Guardian counterpart Drakania is also a part of her dragon heritage and has been fighting with all her dragon’s rage in order to live. In contrast to the tough body that is Guardian, Drakania has a more delicate look, wearing delicately plated metal armor and chains that represent the strong and sharp characteristics of her dragon ancestry.

Black Desert Drakania4

Additionally the effects and lights that are reflected in her weapons and armor during battle simulate the flow of fire through the body of a dragon prior to being released from its mouth. This gives Drakania an additional flamboyant touch to her overall style.

The Drakania Slayer is a greatsword with two hands that is a master of close-range combat. In contrast, Black Desert has another greatsword-wielding class, Warrior – Drakania is unique with the slimmer blade, that is a clone of the Zweihander and Flamberge.

Black Desert Drakania3

Drakania makes use of a unique weapon known as the Shard! The Shard serves as her Slayer’s “heart” and it can quickly be taken away to strike opponents. Although the Slayer is designed to use stronger, more powerful attacks but the Shard gives Drakania with more rapid attacks that can recharge the power of her “Ion.” Ion is Drakania’s only resource, which she stores inside her Slayer. When she is attacking using Shard, Shard, Drakania charges up Ion and, when it is recharged, when the Shard returns to her Slayer, Drakania has access to even more devastating attacks!

Black Desert Drakania2

In addition some of Drakania’s actions create an effect around her that can assist Drakania along with her pals. These attacks that target areas of effect are powerful instruments that allow enemies to be grouped as well as drain their resources and also remove the effects of Drakania along with her allies.

Black Desert Drakania

The passive ability of Drakania can be described as “Markthanan’s Heart” It is activated when her HP is at 50% or less. This passive lets Drakania to replenish her HP after performing attacks that produce Ion energy.

Drakania is a new approach to the greatsword-style combat through combining quick blows to generate energy, as well as powerful attacks with full force. In addition her passive lets her to remain in the fight and help her allies while also taking out her foes. We’re excited for you to find out how take pleasure in The Destroyer of Ynix!

Drakania is joining the fun with the beginning of the new season on the 25th of May.

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