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Xbox 360 nba

The Live series is back (xbox 360 nba game) to take on the competition, but title hopes are not on the cards quite yet.

The NBA Live series from EA Sports has seen its fair share of highs and lows. I used to play Live frequently when I was playing games on the Sega Genesis, but it was apparent that when 3D console hardware was introduced and new engines needed been developed, the top NBA series lost a bit of distance from the other series. As the years progressed towards the Microsoft Xbox series, PC and PS 2’s dominance over the world of gaming at the forefront and EA’s Live series finally embraced what it was getting by a complete arse beating by 2KSports. Nba 2k18 xbox 360

About nba game on xbox 360

Take on through the neighbourhood. The future of career sports modes is here that lets you enjoy the game however you’d like. Develop your career through nba 2k18 xbox 360 games, play on the courts of The Playground, join the Pro-Am circuit, or browse the stores and venues in a completely new open-air setting. With a brand new MyPLAYER upgrade, endorsement systems, our largest roster of characters which includes NBA stars, many more.

The launch to the Xbox 360 and PS3 gave EA the chance to return to the search for the ‘best NBA title’ however, in the end, NBA Live 06 and 07 on the ‘next generation hardware was a mediocre effort at the very best. While they’re not content with being the #2 game in the eyes of all NBA player’s mind, EA Sports have finally put their feet to the floor by launching NBA Live 08 and although the EA’s quest to return to NBA gaming isn’t completed, finally a worthy games for 2K are here.

There was a point during the Live series for Xbox 360 where the selection of game modes was limited at best. However, EA have slowly added the majority of features from previous generations and it has resulted in a fully functional game mode in the year the year 08.

There is the standard “Play Now” mode that allows to play fast exhibition games and a variety of other modes that can meet almost any requirement you may have, including the nearly fully-featured All Star Weekend with four of the most important games, and three new modes for the series, including the “Quick Play mode, which allows you to build your own roster using NBA players to play a single timeas well as “Scenario Play with the ability to specify a variety of choices, such as time and score to make a specific situation, as well as the FIBA World Championship’.

This is an eight-team event that is designed to be played in International team play, but it can be made available to NBA teams too. Naturally, there’s the option of online play with Xbox Live on offer, that allows you to play quick and friendly games.

Naturally, the game wouldn’t have been complete without dynamic Mode’. As anyone who is a fan will be aware, lets you play the role of a coach while you navigate the busy day-to-day life of managing the NBA team. This is a significantly improved version that has a ton of activities and content including hiring employees to scout and coach players, to controlling the team roster setting the play-time priority, negotiating contracts for players and off court-based activities for improving morale and team cohesion. There’s too much happening within this game that honestly, the interface has trouble keeping up with the odd placement of buttons and confusing design, however this is a small cost that you pay to enjoy what is an extremely detailed experience that will keep the most avid NBA players occupied for many 82-game seasons, provided there aren’t any surprises in the form of dynasty killing bugs, like the franchise modes in Madden 08 – everything seemed to be fine the first few seasons (which happens to take time to age unless you switch “Simulation Intervention” off in the settings) therefore this doesn’t appear as though it is, thankfully.

Opinions about nba 2k18 xbox series 360

  • Its is blissful offline you don’t have microtransactions, no bad stuff and gameplay is compatible with NBA 2k14, online however is mixed its good but microtransactions kill the experience.
  • Oh wow , I can’t belive this piece of junk has positive reviews from critics (ps4 xbox one and switch).These microtransactions destroyed everything.
  • A game overflooded with micro transactions. Nuff said. You better avoid this.
  • The best nba 2k game ever on PC and xbox series x. When release date of next gen of game?
  • I’ve got no reason to give this less than 5 stars. There’s a bit of a learning curve if you’re used to the newer games but it has solid controls, a fantastic MyCareer mode for those sick of 2K18’s bullshit, and the Jordan challenges and Creating a Legend modes are fantastic. There are a ton of little things that make the game even better. Dom2k made a great video on why this video game is the best 2k ever (as on playstation, and xbox series x too).
  • NBA 2K11 is one of my favorite video games of all time,of course it’s my favorite Hoops game ever.Jordan is back and Balling,This game has Jordan challenges where you try to recreate some of his finest moments of his career,you can unlock legends too.i liked playing against Jordan using a modern day team and then Jordan does something so ridiculous that only he could do,ex:I was using OKC with Durant ,I had a four point lead with seconds on the clock,Jordan busts a long three,they still the inbounds pass ,Scottie pippen puts up a brick that bounces in the air towards the free line,where Jordan is ,he catches the ball in midair with tongue out and slams home the winning dunk as time expires,I had to put down the controller and call my best friend and tell him about it,he said Jordan tore it up in real life and now in video games,what did you expect,I recommend this game for everyone,there is a little bit of a learning curve,but well worth it.i have over 40 copies,I think it’ll be even more appreciated the older it gets.
  • Great game awesome gameplay the living roster really adds depth to the even at its current year I’m in full swing just won my 10th nba finals playing an 82 game season plus 7 game play off and 7 game finals (no simulating required) working on 11 now sorry mj but looks like dirk is king and king is Dallas
  • This game was so much of an upgrade from any sim basketball game (or really simulation sports game)that it is basically the sole reason 2ks main competition “NBA Live by EA” has stopped making hoops games. The depth of NBA 2k11 along with the inclusion of Michael Jordan topped off with amazing graphics make this game a piece of History.




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