Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 on Xbox official release

Is that true – Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 on Xbox?

Following three weeks of season 1, Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 is available with a brand new Swordsman Breaker, an updated Season Challenge mode, improved matchmaking and many more! Before we get into the details we would like to express our gratitude to all of the players who enjoyed the first season and joined us on our journey. Through Season 1 we focused on improving our gameplay and lay the groundwork for the next season. In the coming seasons we’re hoping to add more content and provide the promised features. Season 2 is available to all players who purchased the game. Season 2 update is accessible to all gamers who purchased the game through Game Preview on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One or players who have access to it through Xbox Game Pass.

Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 gameplay


The most notable thing about this season is the appearance of Draken who is part of the new class called Breaker Swordsman. Draken utilizes the sword, Blazing Edge to be his weapon of choice. The new sword class allows elegant melee combat that is suitable for all shooter classes, including Breaker. The swords will have different effects and are expected to be released during the July update, so keep an eye out. Draken’s skill set is synergized to “Bleeding,” a new status effect that increases damage dealt per stack , and provides a the maximum amount of health damage when the stack is full. We’re looking forward to seeing what combinations and builds people come up with!

Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 gameplay2

Cross-Platform Invite and Galaxy Reorganization

We’ve implemented a algorithm-based matchmaking system that allows friends to be on different platforms as well as the current matching system that is random across platforms. This will also facilitate matchmaking with those in discord or other communities since the participants can use the same code and matchmake. Matchmaking by default will be performed without the need for the need for a code. This system permits two-player run-ins and also.

We will also distinguish more clearly between the exploration of galaxy in Season 2 and Season Challenge mode in Season 2. The three galaxies currently in play (Czerny, Symphonia and Campanella) will be expanded to four, with Campanella Extreme being the 4th galaxy. The step-by-step exploration of four galaxies allows players to take pleasure in enjoyable explorations. This includes the campaign mode, and Season Challenge will push the players to the limit.

Anvil Vault Breakers Season 2 gameplay3

Season Challenge Mode Revamp

The reason we chose to have a levels during Season Challenge was that the Season Challenge was for people who felt overwhelmed to be able to complete the challenge. But, the majority of people chose the least difficult level. This restricted the choice of choice of maps. A ranking system based on time also forced players to restart their runs when they were given non-boss planets as the most difficult choice.

Its Season Challenge mode will live according to its name during the new season. It will give players more choice as well as new challenges. The mode is now infinite (there is a limit, but the developers think that nobody will be able to surpass it… maybe you’ll be able to prove they’re incorrect) and will push players to reach the highest level. The three planets options raise the difficulty in the same way.

Additionally, a successful clearing of a planet offers Breakers an opportunity to gain an random buff to be applied to another planet.

Through your skill, luck with unique builds, and team competition let us know how far you are able to reach!

A lot of updates are planned for Season 2 with new relics, new weapons, brand new Toy Workers and more. We’re hoping to get feedback from our players and create Anvil an excellent top-down roguelike game that everyone will take pleasure in!

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