15 Best Escape Room Games for Xbox

One of the most unexpected successes of the past decade is Escape room-themed games specifically those in the Xbox series. Which games are the best in Escape Room Games for Xbox?

Who could have imagined that it could be such entertaining to lock yourself in a room that is full of decor and work with your family and friends to solve difficult problems while the alarm clock is blaring?

Plus, as most escape room games deliver the thrilling excitement of solving puzzles on the table, you don’t need to leave your home to play.

There are some doubts about the way board games based off escape rooms are able to reproduce the intense excitement of being trapped in a room that has a lot of objects to play with as well as hidden spaces to discover.

However, you can rest assured that they’ll provide the same thrills like the real thing with their complex puzzles, code-breaking tricks and engaging brainteasers.

It is recommended to lock yourself into the most thrilling escape room games on Xbox that we’ve picked as soon as possible. While some attempts to recreate the single-room experience by using illustrations pictures, others engage in puzzle solving, and some focus on narrative and themes.

These ideas will be helpful no matter if you’ve mastered challenges in the past or want to play one for the first time.

1. Exit: The Game

430234 exit xbox 360 screenshot hop this gap

Every game puts you and your friends within the four corners in true escape-room style and comes with an escape room Puzzle book along with a few tips and a solution wheel to help you through the different challenges.

A variety of puzzles, including optical illusions, word problems and physical brainteasers will require that you bend game pieces in order to reveal an unspoken message.

Expect to be challenged as it’s not an easy game, however the challenges are rarely unfair or poorly planned.

The ability to give you multiple “riddle cards” at once allows you to create groups, rather than having to juggle one puzzle at a time “help cards” will provide helpful suggestions if you’re stuck.

But, it is important to make sure you are prepared for every exit: game boxes is only used for one time. Take advantage of every game, as you’ll be tearing pages and cutting cardsfor solving an unsolved puzzle or out of frustration that your fantastic decision wasn’t that great in the end.

They provide a wealth of information in the beginning and a large part of the problem is understanding the best way to utilize the tools available to you before you come up with the best solution.

2. ChromaGun


ChromaGun is an online game which solves puzzles based on color. It is available via Xbox One. The players shoot colored paintballs at walls and different moving Worker Droids in the game by using a big ChromaGun.

Droids with colors will draw attention to the portion of the wall that is their color. The players need to arrange the droids in appropriate patterns to make the space.

You can also mix primary colors to create different colors, and thus increase the difficulty of the game. Additionally, this is one of the most effective escape rooms games available on Xbox.

3. Escape Room: The Game

BRK 01


Like the most renowned toy manufacturers, Escape Room: The Game recognizes that huge pieces of battery-powered plastic, adorned with flashing lights and rotatable devices, constitute the sole thing that can consistently bring together children’s joy and guilt-ridden elation with adults from all over the world.

It comes with the “Chrono Decoder,” a functional lockbox that has an electronic countdown timer as well as keys you need to physically unlock in order to complete the game. This Escape Room game is a good fit for this description.

It’s a gimmick however, it’s a fantastically executed one with complex puzzles. Additionally, you’ll need to use your brain muscles to read patterns and maps. You’ll also have to solve problems in a timely manner by listening to the beeps of the countdown clock.

Alongside counting down before your eyes. The decoder also makes warning sounds to keep you awake and punish you for inconsiderate unlocks.

This box can be divided in four different scenarios that include the nuclear countdown game, Prison Break virus along with Aztec temple. You can approach the whole box as a series of situations rather than a set of repetitive rooms since it has all the common themes that are found within escape games, as well as distinct challenges, and riddles.

4. Q.U.B.E


Q.U.B.E. is a puzzle-solving activity that, as its name suggests, involves players interacted with shapes and cubes within the walls of their rooms.

Following an incident that is not clear occurs, the participant awakes in a room that is not normal. They’re wearing gloves that are able to play with specific shapes that are hidden into the walls.

The game’s goal is for players to solve the puzzle within every room in order for the player to gain access to it. Then, they can move forward until they get to the exit.

Each block has a distinct action based on the color. the rooms become harder when you move on.

5. The Turing Test


In the first-person puzzle-solving video game The Turing Test, players play as Ava Turing, an International Space Agent who is working on Moon Europa that is part of Jupiter.

Ava is an active member of the research team, however, when an issue in the power system is discovered Ava must assist her colleagues by regaining the state of dormancy caused by cryogenics.

But, she has to be able to pass tests that require redirecting energy to open doors and machinery to save the place. As players progress throughout the game, new parts and goals become part of the game’s puzzles. Most critiques for the game was positive.

6. Unmechanical: Extended


Unmechanical is an 2.5D games for puzzles that’s simple to comprehend and play. You can play the extended version rather than the original probably. The players will try to complete a school project through putting pieces of puzzle in.

There are a variety of puzzles that players can complete, so you will be able to pass time for a long period of time. Most critics gave it good reviews.

It’s also an obscure game however, if you’ve played all the other games listed, try it as it may be something that will surprise you. This video game is among of the most popular escape rooms available on Xbox.

7. Assemblance

asemblance main

The first-person game of psychological thriller Asemblance is psychedelic and it also offers a variety of puzzles to be solved. The game’s twisted theme is influenced by popular television shows such as The X-Files and Black Mirror.

If your player wakes up you, they’re trapped in an unfamiliar machine. They have to connect their past experiences to know what transpired to them as well as the world within which they’re trapped.

You’ll need to decide what memories are real and which are simulations. The sole source of direction can be the artificial intelligence (AI) voice, which guides you.

8. Unlock

CompleteListofUnlockTheGameSeriesEscapeRoomGames 950x500 1

Unlock! is a set of escape room games that are more visually focused than the other abstract puzzle games.

Unlock! The app depicts the rooms you’ll visit and the numerous objects of interest that are scattered throughout the landscape with a deck of cards and a companion application.

It is essential to search each room for clues. You can use the items you find to build puzzles and finish them.

Cards are played out on the main stage. To solve problems and reveal more cards, mix your selections. To find codes, enter numbers in the app that is a companion.

The physicality of the game does an great job of re-creating the feeling of being in an escape room, and then searching for its secrets from looking at cards, uncovering their secrets and tapping into your phone.

9. Limbo


Limbo, the first of two 2D puzzle platformers developed by the Playdead Studio Playdead It has a very tense and mysterious feel. Limbo is an independent game that has received many awards and praises that a game that is independent could get.

You’ll have to experience it yourself. The world will lure you into it and make you gasp for air. Without the gameplay the graphics are stunning. You have to work through the maze of challenges that are on your path.

10. Inside

limbo developer playdead reveals xbox one exclusive inside 140233847175 1

Inside showed that Playdead’s original effort at solving the 2D platformer game was not an exception. The sequel was as well-received as the original game, if not and demonstrated their complete understanding of the genre. The story’s protagonist is a child who is caught in a terrifying world, and must flee.

However, once you’re invested in the story of this poor boy, the narrative will keep you hooked and then only later it will throw you out. Inside is a film that does many things right. It deserves your attention and time. This game video is one of the top escape room games for Xbox.

Deckscape is the simplest escape room game that is available. It provides a variety of challenges in an enticing adventure with just 1 deck.

There’s nothing to fill in this. Select the highest card from the deck that has been assembled Read the question, and then use the information to find the correct answer.

If you believe you’ve got it right If you think you’re right, look at the reverse of the card to confirm if you’re. If not, you’ll lose points and have to proceed to the next puzzle.

Deckscape is not attempting to recreate the experience of being trapped in a space, looking for clues, and seeking answers.

Additionally, it is in between both an escape game and mind-teasing game, with just enough story to keep you entertained in between puzzles. This is among the most enjoyable escape room games available on Xbox.

11. Deckspace

Deckscape is the most straightforward escape room game available. It serves up a string of puzzles throughout a linear adventure using just one deck of cards.

There is no filler in this. Pick the top card from the pre-assembled deck, read the problem, and use the details to determine the answer.

Once you think you’re right, check the card’s reverse to see if you were. If not, you will lose points and must move on to the following puzzle.

Deckscape does not attempt to simulate the feeling of being locked in a room, searching for clues, and searching for answers.

Also, it falls somewhere in the middle of an escape room and a brainteaser, with just enough storytelling to keep you interested between puzzles. This is one of the best escape room games for Xbox.

12. Escape Tales


Escape Tales is a part of the Escape Tales series, which is distinct in comparison to other escape rooms and is known for its unique story-telling approach, and combines the focus on narrative, player choice and classic puzzling.

The storyline will take you through a variety of twists and turns to unravel a sinister supernatural mystery as you choose your way and creating your own adventure. The games of the series are a mix that combines Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and standard escape room games.

In the end, Escape Tales eliminates many of the old-fashioned tropes. The game has no limits on time and you’re encouraged to explore different places. There aren’t a lot of MacGuffins to discover, and neither are there any specific code breakers that are designed to solve puzzles.

If you’re used to physical or word-based puzzles prepare to stimulate your brain cells because the majority of puzzles are algebraic and require logic deductions.

13. Escape Room In A Box

neverout xbox one

Escape Room in a Box is an adventure game that doesn’t shy the line when it comes to props, and attempts to bring the excitement in solving puzzles that are physical.

There are tiny lockets made of plastic inside, which use genuine padlocks that keep them shut, not symbolic locks that are opened by drawing solutions cards or input numbers into a phone application.

It also helps verify authenticity since there’s nothing to be gained by cheating or surrender for a chance to see the contents of the box, you must be able to play.

The appeal of the game lies not the place it is located. The puzzles are well-balanced and varied that will appeal to novices willing to help and experienced players who are up for a challenge. This is among the top escape room games available on Xbox.

14. Puzzling Pursuit

The Puzzling Pursuits boxes are a nifty game that combines games for escape and real mail-order game of a crime detective.

Two large folders filled with printed materials such as maps, letters pictures, newspaper clippings and much other things. Each folder has five puzzles that are different and the “meta-puzzle” that connects them each one.

Like many different Exit: The Game games it offers a range of puzzles, which include images and word associations and ciphers, as well as hidden shapes and symbols, as well as small amounts of outside-the-game investigation. Although not all of them are bad however, they’re very well-crafted and fun to play.

Puzzling Materials from Pursuits are very impressive and immersive when compared to other retail Escape Room boxed games. newspaper cutouts, for example are printed with a convincing look on thin, newsprint-like papers.

The concepts of games (while not a lot of fun) effectively create a narrative environment for you to solve your puzzles. It is worth giving them a go in case you prefer wordplay, letters, and detective work over the logic and code-wheels.

15. Portal

portal xbox 360

Portal is among the greatest escape room games available on xbox ever developed and among the most popular video games, regardless of type, comes from Valve (the creators of Steam).

We first came across GLaDOS here. We found out that the cake is not real at this stage. You should play Portal to see the slang references to pop culture.

It’s not less thrilling the game’s gameplay is. Who wouldn’t want to build portals one could jump through? But, it’s satisfying find out the best way to solve a mystery in Portal.

Make sure you look after your cube. This game of puzzles and video games is among the top escape rooms games available on Xbox.


In conclusion

These are the best list of Escape Room Games for Xbox in our opinion. If you know some others interesting game in theme Escape Room Games for Xbox, you can write it in comments and discuss about your favorites games on xbox.

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